The Super Bowl should be the occasion on the NFL calendar when fans are interested in America’s sport. It should show everything that is mesmeric about the sport, and intrigue the spectator to watch it again. It has been a universally acceptable promotion tool throughout the years for the NFL that has seen the occasion captivate audiences around the globe.

It is meant to bring together the best of showbiz and the best sport on the planet, but occasionally it goes very wrong, and it turns out to be a rather drab affair. The most recent Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and LA Rams was an example of a very bad Super Bowl. The half time entertainment, which is typically the saving grace, was also met with a tirade of negative reviews, and the match itself was the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time. But, was this the worst of all?

New England Patriots 13-3 LA Rams

The 2019 offering didn’t just break the record for the lowest scoring match in Super Bowl history, but it was also the lowest scoring championship game since 1949; a game which also involved the LA Rams. The match was a snore-fest, and while many Patriots fans would claim it was a tactical masterclass, there wasn’t much for the neutrals to like about it at all. The first three quarters went by with no touchdowns, and fans could have been forgiven for dozing off during the match. The worst part of all for the neutrals was that they believed the match could have been an entertaining game, with the LA Rams having all the tools to cause serious problems for the Patriots legacy. The odds at certainly showed that they expected it to be a high scoring match, but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

San Francisco 49ers 55-10 Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos didn’t have a lot of luck in the Super Bowl during the 80s, as they made it to the showpiece event on three occasions but didn’t leave with a win from any of them. They constantly made it to the Super Bowl but were flawed by their opponents, and this event was no different. This was a terrible match because, in reality, it wasn’t much of a match. When the neutrals watch the Super Bowl, they want to be entertained, and nothing was entertaining about this. The 49ers set a record for the biggest winning margin in Super Bowl history with their win in this match. It was an embarrassing evening for the Broncos and a sour event.

Baltimore Ravens 37-7 New York Giants

If there was a team that was destined to win the Super Bowl in this particular season, it was the Ravens. They boasted an incredible defence, and that was a resounding reason behind their big win over the Giants in this particular Super Bowl. Their talents lay in defence which made this a somewhat painful experience for the neutrals, but Ray Lewis was particularly deserving on his MVP honour for a brilliant performance on the big stage. If you like defensive play, then you would have loved this one.