Apologize for last week’s article not being posted as Mike and myself were live from Hard Rock Stadium.  We will pick up after week 4 as we gear up for the game against the Buffalo Bills.  Here is how the staff sees this game going on Sunday:

Mike Oliva (Season Record 4-0)

Miami’s offensive line is a mess and Fitzpatrick I don’t think will carry over the momentum from last week. Playing in Buffalo is always a house of horror for the Dolphins. The Bills are a very good team and I think they win easily.  Buffalo 40, Miami 0

Tom Ernisse (Season Record 4-0)

The Dolphins switched back to veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, one week after anointing Josh Rosen the starter the remainder of the season.  With the lack of continuity and playing in a city where they struggle EVERY YEAR, I can see the Bills defense having their way.  Their offense is something to be desired at the moment, but when the defense hands you points, it is going to be a long day for the Dolphins.  The Tank continues to live strong.  Buffalo 30, Miami 10

Landon Neubarth (Season Record 3-1)

The Bills have done a rather good job at rebuilding. The Dolphins  are going to need way to much Fitzmagic in order to win this game. If i was a betting teen I would put my money on the Bills despite the Dolphins getting around 20 points. This is going to be a weekend Bills fans won’t let us forget.  Buffalo 42, Miami 10

Jeff Neubarth (Season Record 4-0)

I’m glad my 14 year old is not a betting guy. That’s winning as a dad.  I think Landon nailed it. We won’t win and it won’t be close. The bills can do what they want and we will end the day one week closer to Tua.

Brent Antonio (Season Record 4-0)

Week after week it seems the Dolphins find more creative ways to lose. This week Frank Gore and Devin Singletary will run roughshod over the Dolphins defense. Look for the offense to stay anemic while they are still trying to figure out key pieces and pieces to give away via trade.  Buffalo 20, Miami 10

Josh Katzker (Season Record 4-0)

Ryan Fitzpatrick getting the start at QB for the Dolphins may very well provide the team an offensive spark, but I don’t expect it will ignite a flame and, if it does, it will likely be short-lived. The Dolphins offense will struggle to stay on the field against a tough Buffalo defense and their possessions will be few and far between. Buffalo has proven to be a hard-nosed team and they will not be afraid to run the ball right down the throats of a Dolphins’ defense that is ranked 31st out of 32 in rushing yards per game allowed (169.6). Whether it’s with Frank Gore taking it straight ahead or with athletic QB Josh Allen taking advantage of designed runs, the Bills are going to have their way with the Dolphins. Being in a competitive game last week was fun, but it was a short lived phenomenon, I’m afraid. Buffalo 27, Miami 9.

Aaron “The Brain” Katzker (Season Record 4-0)

At a glance, the Dolphins appear to be severely overmatched in this game, and well, they might be. Buffalo isn’t exactly an offensive juggernaut though, so while points will be difficult to come by for Miami, they should be able to hang in this one much like they were able to last week against Washington. Ryan Fitzpatrick should provide a much needed spark to Miami’s lifeless offense, and going up against one of his former teams may also be the fuel for one of his Fitzmagic games. I expect Miami to come out loose and Fitz to come out gunning, as Chad O’shea has typically been pretty good with his 15 play script early in games this season. Watch for Miami to take an early lead, but for Buffalo to gradually take over the game as it goes on. Miami will rally, but it won’t be enough. Buffalo wins. Buffalo 20 Miami 19