Welcome back to another episode of Fins Up Fans Down! Your reactionary Dolphins podcast, for reactionary Dolphins fans!

This week we recap the Monday night football game, our 7th loss on the season to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Were we embarassed? Or was it just a simple lack of talent we couldn’t overcome? That’s the question. Overall it seemed to be a lack of talent, the only real embarassing moment being the defining 3rd and 20 call. The question for THAT however is did we purposefully tank, or was a horrendously bad decision? We probably won’t know, but that’s the defining questions from this game.

Overall it was a game of smooth offense until it wasn’t then domination over our offensive line. Numerous turnovers that should be able to be cleaned up / won’t happen with inferior defenses. A complete decimated / no talent secondary, and some players coming into their own this season. We also talk about the Kenyan Drake, and Aqib Talib trades, and who we’re going to be targeting in the draft. We close out this weeks episode with Fins Up Fans Down, talking about how horrendous the Jets are, and Adam Gase as a whole.

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