After getting blown out on opening day 59-10 to Baltimore, 43-0 to the Patriots, the Dolphins were instantly the brunt of jokes and ridicule from fans across the league, to the aforementioned ESPN.

But, something changed.  The Dolphins hung tight with Dallas to a score of 10-6 at halftime, before the talent discrepancy was apparent.  They were tied 10-10 at the half against the Chargers, who ended up running away due to the lack of talent on the Dolphins.

After the bye week, the Dolphins were an aggressive, 2-point conversion from victory against the Redskins.  They hung tough on the road in a hostile environment in Buffalo before a botched onside kick that was returned for a TD, which led to a 31-21 loss.  The Dolphins opened up 14-0 to Pittsburgh prior to Howard re-aggravating his knee and the hinges came off on defense the rest of the game.

Then it brings me to Sunday.  The Jets and Adam Gase came to Miami, 3.5 point favorites.   The Dolphins, without arguably their best player for the rest of the season, took it to the Jets.  The box score tells a different story, but the Dolphins punched the Jets square in the mouth.  26-18 was the final score, had fans rejoicing, and dare I say, jeering?

The pro tankers vs non tankers have been a story outside of the product on the field.  This game doesn’t change the course for the Dolphins.  They are going to be aggressive in their search to build a winner.  Did they lose out on their potential franchise QB?  Tua?  Herbert?  Burrow?  Nobody knows for sure, but there is still a lot of football left to play.  Nothing is for certain except for this:

The future is looking brighter and brighter in Davie, FL.  After firing Adam Gase, the Dolphins were patient in waiting for Brian Flores to finish his  Super Bowl season with the rival Patriots.  The roster was gutted, brought in 7 players from the now defunct, AAF.  They brought in over 15 UDFA for training camp.  They traded away their franchise left tackle, starting wide receiver and second year corner/safety.

The Dolphins were mocked and ridiculed, being a punching bag for boneheads over at ESPN.  Steve Young, even went as far to say the Dolphins are “putting players lives at risk” with the type of roster they built.  How wrong are they now?

Brian Flores, who lost his mother in March, dedicated this victory to her.  In the locker room after the game, he was handed the game ball by owner Stephen Ross.  The players showered him with Gatorade on the field and then bottles of water after his speech.  The future is brighter in Miami, because the Dolphins found a head coach who is beloved by his players and staff.  The team  has been close to winning for many weeks.  The Jets game was what put them over the top.

Did the Dolphins lose out on a franchise QB?  No, not likely.  The ammunition they have acquired will likely get them one in the draft, so fear not fans.

But one thing is for sure,  the Dolphins did get something right.  Brian Flores.  Half the players on this roster wouldn’t be playing for another team in the league.  How about the reclamation projects of Devante Parker, Mike Gesicki, Raekwon McMillan, etc?  Brian Flores has them playing competitive football, week in and week out.  Remember that T.N.T wall, it truly has served its purpose.

The future is looking bright in Miami for the first time, in a long, long time.  We have Brian Flores to thank for that.  Now Chris Grier must do his job, to turn this competitive bunch of guys, into full time winners.  But let’s get through the next 8 weeks first.

Congratulations, Coach!  You have won me over.  I am excited to see where you can take this team.