The Miami Dolphins long awaited rematch with Adam Gase and the NY Jets is just a week away. The break-up between Gase and the Dolphins wasn’t a pretty one and the first meeting this season at Hard Rock Stadium back in early November was much anticipated. What wasn’t anticipated was the Dolphins pulling out a big upset and getting their first win of the season with that game. The Jets players were stunned, Jets fans were stunned, and the NFL universe was stunned with that first Dolphins win of the season.

Weeks ago, before the Dolphins won their first game, they were odds-on favorites to pick first in the 2020 NFL Draft. However, now that they’ve won a second game, their draft pick odds have dropped, and Cincinnati has become the favorites to go first. Upon trying to find those odds again, it looks like sportsbooks have removed those odds.


Instead, you might be to find odds on which player will be drafted first. This compilation of sports gambling sites you can bet online at should have a few sites that include the current draft picks and their odds. Research to see how different each site’s odds are so to ensure the best value. It’s early but keep an eye out on the odds to see if they change, in case any players get hurt. That would most definitely affect their odds to be drafted first.


As we head into December things have changed a lot not only with the draft status of both teams but with how both the Jets and Dolphins are playing. Since that last meeting the Dolphins did win one more game but is now on a 2-game losing streak with the Eagles game looming this Sunday where they are double digit underdogs at home and they have had to place many key players on IR. On the other hand, the Jets, if they beat the winless Bengals this week will have won 4 in a row and are playing their best football all season.


It’s only been a month since both these teams last played but boy has a lot changed. Adam Gase will be out for revenge and look to beat his former team while the Dolphins, who have stated numerous times they are trying to win each and every week and put to bed the “tanking” narrative will look to get back to their winning ways this week.


One must wonder though that if the Dolphins have too many injuries and can they overcome them and beat a red-hot Jets team on the road? I don’t think they can, and I think the Jets continue to roll with an easy win this week over Miami.