In a year of doom and gloom from the Miami Dolphins, this past game against the Eagles shows us why the future is promising. Coach Flores gets a lot out of his players especially with a roster of less talent. It’s going to be intriguing to watch during free agency and watching them draft some new additions. It’s going to be vital for them to keep developing players like Gesicki, Parker, Wilkins, and Charlton and draft more players. Seems easy enough doesn’t it?


Miami is winning meaningless games, that may keep them from a top pick in this year’s draft. What if Miami gets the 5th pick with the 22nd and 25th? I will be “ok” with that. Good luck replacing Minkah though! We all want the top pick to secure whoever they wanted to grab. With Tua’s injury, they still may be able to grab him with one of their picks. This rebuild is more than a one-year process. I’ve waited forever anyway, so what’s another year?


This Eagles team had playoff aspirations. This team won the Super Bowl with a lot of the core players still on the team from a few years ago. In a must win game for Philly, they let Miami come back to win. When Wentz was on his rookie contract Philadelphia had a deep team. They paid Wentz and now that team is missing some meat and potatoes players. For years now, I have been banging my hand against the table yelling for a franchise Quarterback. I’m not sure if they are going to get one in this year’s draft.  I was ok with them giving up a 2nd round pick for Rosen. He isn’t going to pan out, he didn’t have much of a chance. In a meaningless year, it would’ve been nice to see him play more than 10 quarters. Fitzmagic has been surprisingly entertaining, however I can’t believe he has lasted this long.  He has taken a Ryan Tannehill beating this year, but he brings the energy the team needs to get us through the season. By the way, Tannehill has the best Quarterback rating in Football.


I’m going to give credit to the coaching staff. Getting Mike Gesicki involved in the passing game has been refreshing. With 4 games left, he has shown me that he will be a future building block for Miami. Grabbing a TD on Sunday, he looked like Jimmy Graham when he was in New Orleans. Devante Parker has quieted the crowd and playing well since he has been available out there. I wrote him off after last year, but so far this year, he has produced like a legit 1B wideout. To think it didn’t work out with Tannehill, Landry, Stills, Parker, Drake, Ajayi, and Tunsil is beyond me. This staff has a game plan and you can’t say that about a Joe Philbin team, or an Adam Gase team.


Even being a super, dedicated Miami Dolphin fan, every week I watch them, read articles on the Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel. Who the hell are some of these guys they picked up? That’s what has made me excited for the future. If you can beat some teams with little to no talent, then I’m looking forward for years ahead. At some point they will get a Quarterback, whenever they do. Now I have confidence they will get the right guy going into the future because of watching Coach Flores this year.


In the midst of a 3-9 season, there aren’t many positives, however, as the season progresses, I am proud of the direction Miami is heading into. I haven’t said that in many years. With a quarter of the season remaining in a lost season, let’s root for our Dolphins and be thankful for a bright future!


As always,

Phins up