DeVante Parker newly signed contract just makes a lot of sense considering that he is a young wide receiver hitting his prime and finally reaching the potential that the Dolphins thought he had when they made him their first overall selection back in 2015. The $40 million 4 years deal w/$20 million guaranteed works fine for both parts; Parker gets a good contract that wasn’t viable prior to this season and the Dolphins get a #1 wide receiver that should make a great combo with Preston Williams in the next few upcoming years.

That of course if Parker is able to remain healthy and maintain his production. It seems that he has made a great connection with current quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. And also Preston Williams year -ending injury has funneled the air attack in Parker’s direction even more and Parker has stepped up to the challenge. Meanwhile the wide receiver position alongside with the linebackers has to be counted as the very few that won’t need major changes in free agency or the draft.

Parker was a highly touted prospect in college out of Louisville. In 2015 he was drafted by the Philbin’s regime thinking he would develop into a legit #1 receiver and as it turned out he didn’t live up to the hype. In the next 4 years that included the 3 years of Adam Gase tenure Parker was a failure. He spent most of the time injured and even when healthy Parker’s production wasn’t anything special before this current season.

You have to give credit to the current offensive coaches specially Chad O’Shea and Karl Dorrell for maximizing Parker’s talent into the Dolphins offensive mix. Comparing Parker’s current season numbers with the ‘ 16 season (that was until now Parker’s best season) it is noticeable that he has just 3 more receptions (59 to 56) but almost 200 more yards (954 to 744) and 4 more touchdowns ( 8 to 4). Maybe Gase’s dull and ultra-conservative offensive scheme with all those screens and 3-5 yds passes has something to do with that. Maybe O’Shea’s offense is better suited to use Parker’s talent. Whatever the reason it seems that Parker finally is getting comfortable in Miami’s offense and his production this year has soared notably. In a tough season like this it has to be counted as one of the brightest spots. It makes me wonder how much DeVante can improve the next few years with better QB playing, a healthy Preston Williams that should help him avoid double coverage’s, and a better-established offensive system.