I’m stuck between rooting for and against my team. This has been a long, mental season for me. To win or to lose? That is the question.

Watching Sunday’s overtime win against the Bengals was a franchise altering game. We all know Miami is not beating New England this week, so with a loss last week, it would have cemented the Dolphins in with the 2nd pick in the upcoming draft. Drafting in that spot would have been great for Miami, either drafting Burrows or Chase Young would have been special. Or if a team wanted to give up a ransom of picks for Young, I’d understand that as well. This year was about the tank that never happened. Picking 5th in the draft is far from a sure lock. You will get a good player like Denver did with Bradley Chubb a few years ago with the 5th pick. Or you can grab a Corey Davis like the Titans did.

It’s not about getting the highest pick, it’s about gathering picks and hitting on half of them. We will see what Miami has in store. NFL free agency happens before the Draft, so once that shakes out, we will have a better idea of the Dolphins plan. Everybody that has watched them over the last two decades knows the elephant in the room. Get a Quarterback that you love and build around him. Also, you need lineman on both sides of the ball. Seems easy enough. Yet, we are here 20 years later with the same problem.

One thing I could say about this year that makes me optimistic about the future, is watching a game plan executed. With a team of misfits and Ryan bleeping Fitzmagic to make strides is encouraging. I’m excited for when they have real talent and can compete week in and week out.

A few thoughts on individuals that have performed this year with some strides and improvements:  The obvious is Devante Parker, good for him. Stayed healthy and was a difference maker. The only concern I have is that Parker was having another Parker year and was pacing 700-yards. Preston Williams tore his ACL and he got his chance to get more targets. Also, Fitz is a gunslinger and has been throwing those 50/50 balls his way. Imagine if Rosen played this year? What would we be saying about Devante now? Also being down most of the game with no running game means they are tossing the ball around the yard.

Mike Gesicki has made a few plays over the season. Reminding me of Jimmy Graham leaping over backs to grab a touchdown. He will never be an in-line blocker, but that’s ok. He will have a role going forward and that’s more than I could have said at the end of last year. I am hoping that leap is the same that Christian Wilkins will make next year.  He has been a disappointment in my opinion thus far. That’s ok, it’s only been a year, but the experts said he was the closest thing to a sure thing in last year’s draft. This year he has performed like a JAG (just another guy).

Think about this, last year the Giants had 3 first round picks grabbing Daniel Jones, Dexter Lawrence and Deandre Baker. This year the New York Giants are drafting before the Miami Dolphins. Meaning they are worse than Miami! Only Jones looks like the real deal and that is good for them because without a QB, you can’t build right.

The future must be bright with the Dolphins. Coach Flores will get this foundation set and I couldn’t be more excited to see what this team will look like moving forward. I watched week in and week out this year with mixed feelings and mixed reviews. Full of frustration and now the season is almost over. I will miss my Dolphins until next year. But this I promise, I will never root against them again. Take the future picks and stick ‘em, but now with the right man in charge is what really matters.

As always,

Phins up!