The ink hasn’t dried on the 2019 season and the Miami Dolphins are already creating more excitement than most, if not all of the playoff teams preparing to play the next two weeks. It is wild what’s going on to a team and a fanbase that’s craves consistency.  I fully wanted to make my comeback to writing after a brief “life-stuff” hiatus to celebrate two players who I am ready to admit I was wrong about on offense and defense. DeVante Parker and Christian Wilkins are those two players by the way. Maybe another time I can explain why. Today though, lets dive into the sizzle of an already heavily anticipated offseason.

The fan-base endured a tumultuous 2019 season between fans wanting the team to bottom to lose every game, and fans rooting for every win the team had. The team capped off the season with an awesome win in Foxboro to cap off what we already knew about the coaching staff. They were here to stay, or so we thought. A day later Head Coach Brian Flores fired Offensive Coordinator Chad O’Shea. There was other assistance let go, but this one is the most controversial. 

 As I said, the team needs consistency, and just up and firing the OC that helped get the most out of players like Parker and Tight End Mike Gesicki. The reason is still unknown. Prognosticators believe that it has something to do with a philosophical difference that allowed the team to start the failed Josh Rosen experience. I’m not arguing against that. However, if the goal was always to bring in Tua Tagovailoa, I don’t necessarily think that it matters why we took a flyer on a player that could have turned out to be great. GM’s miss on players all the time, and O’Shea was able to make the offense solid in spurts with the rag-tag group they had on the offensive line and in the backfield. What’s more concerning is that a 37-year-old Ryan Fitzpatrick lead the team in rushing yards. So, if we are strictly talking about wanting to run the ball and not being able to? Sure, I’ll give you that. The passing game and the Quarterback play? I can’t say I agree with the move.  

Fast-forward a day later after the team seemed to be poised to promote Jerry Schuplinski, the QB’s coach to the head offensive chair…when they brought Chan Gailey out of retirement to be the OC. Where does that leave Jim Caldwell? Still not sure. However, the leading idea is that it leads the offense to move fully toward a spread offense. This would seem to be a better fit for a Tagovailoa, or Oregon signal caller Justin Herbert.  

The dust has not yet settled on the season and Coach Flores is asserting change. I wanted a bit of consistency. I would say though, that the most anticipated offseason in the past decade starts in the most hellacious way