In the wake of what was a thrilling upset victory for the Tennessee Titans, Derrick Henry put together what was single-handedly one of the best post-season rushing performances of recent memory. Despite a minuscule 8 completions and 72 passing yards from everybody’s favorite “mediocre” quarterback, Henry was able to carry the offense and deliver for a Tennessee team that not many pundits were giving a chance to win.

With that being said, should the Dolphins consider making a run at Henry this off-season? He’ll be an unrestricted free agent coming off of his rookie contract, after being drafted in the 2nd round by the Titans in 2016. Henry is a native of Yulee, Florida, which is about 20 miles or so north of Jacksonville (if only he were a South Florida kid then he’d be even more of a perfect fit). He’ll be entering his fifth season in the NFL. Naturally, the primary concern on everyone’s mind is investing what will likely be a large amount of money in a running back. Typically, running backs are considered interchangeable in most offenses, and they are often one of the easier positions to find a quality player as opposed to Quarterback and other premium positions. Most teams are often wary of giving running backs a large amount of money once they become eligible for a 2nd contract. You must consider the tread/mileage on their tires and hope that they can have a prolonged career.

However, Henry may be special enough that he could be considered an exception to this rule. He served as the primary ball carrier for the Titans over the course of the last two seasons. In that time, he amassed over 2,500 rushing yards and 28 touchdowns. These are staggering workhorse numbers that you don’t often see in the modern era of football. Should the Dolphins get themselves a rookie quarterback this off-season, pairing him with a reliable workhorse such as Henry could make the transition into the NFL much easier.

New offensive coordinator Chan Gailey has been known as a proprietor of the spread offense throughout his tenure. This may not make Henry the ideal scheme fit since he hasn’t had much involvement out of the backfield throughout his career. However, having a variety of running backs that can give the defense a different look is often a huge advantage. Henry could fill the role of the workhorse/goal-line back and Patrick Laird could be perfect as a 3rd down back due to his pass-catching prowess.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, but Henry reminds me so much of the type of player that Ricky Williams was during his Dolphins tenure. A workhorse, punishing runner that can often take over games and carry an offense, much like Henry did on Saturday for Tennessee. Of course, Ricky and Henry also both hold the distinction of being former Heisman trophy award winners.

Would the Dolphins be willing to spend a large amount of money on a running back? We all know they have plenty of cap space to work with. Of course, we will also have to see what the market value will be for Henry. If they elect to go elsewhere, this draft appears to have plenty of depth at the running back position. The Dolphins could find themselves a quality player (and one with less tread on their tires) in the 2nd-3rd round range.

It’ll be interesting to see which directions the team goes. Regardless, the backfield needs to be addressed this off-season as Miami had one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL in 2019.

  • Article by Corey Settino, follow me on Twitter (@MiamiofLI)