The topic of discussion in Dolphins land this week has to do with a certain former player who is finding success elsewhere.

It’s easy to feel bittersweet about the sudden career resurgence that Ryan Tannehill is currently undergoing. The question on all of our minds, why couldn’t he find this type of success while playing in Miami? Now, he’s one victory away from returning to Miami with an opportunity to win a championship, truly remarkable. In essence, Tannehill is finding success because he’s surrounded by the type of talent that he needed so desperately while playing for the Dolphins. An impenetrable offensive line and a running game that is arguably the best in the NFL. I mean seriously, when’s the last time we saw a running back carry an entire team in the way that Derrick Henry is doing? It’s reminiscent of the days when AP took the Christian Ponder Vikings into the postseason.

As Dolphins fans, it’s imperative that we keep the entire Tannehill situation in perspective. Yes, he’s finding success elsewhere, away from the franchise that originally drafted him. But in large part, a break up was ultimately necessary on both ends. We experienced 7 years of Ryan Tannehill, and in those 7 years, we accrued zero playoff wins and an abundance of spiraling mediocrity. Tannehill improved in some areas over the course of his Dolphins tenure, you’ll remember how highly criticized he was for failing to connect on the deep ball during the early stages of his career. Inevitably, he developed a solid repertoire with Kenny Stills and obtained the ability to hit guys deep.

But there’s no point in thinking about what could have been. Tannehill is gone and the Dolphins are now on the hunt for a new franchise quarterback. Sure, you can blame several factors that may have contributed to his failed Dolphins career. It’s the same excuses we heard over and over, again and again. The team needs to develop a strong offensive line. He needs a strong running game in order to succeed. He needs to be put in the right situation with an offensive coordinator that doesn’t ask him to do too much. None of that matters anymore. Ryan Tannehill is no longer a Miami Dolphin. He gave the franchise everything that he had, but ultimately, a mutual parting was needed for the growth of all parties involved.

Now, the Dolphins will need to find themselves a new franchise cornerstone. Someone who can take this team to heights that Tannehill was incapable of doing. Will we get this player in the 2020 draft? Only time will tell!

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