As former Dolphins move on throughout the NFL playoff landscape, the team itself isn’t without drama. As much as the team and its fans crave consistency and would probably appreciate a lower-intensity type of off-season, the coaching staff shuffles are the exact opposite of consistent. It’s screaming chaos at the coaching level and the optics aren’t great.  

I think most fans understood that the team would be terrible because of the personnel. However, after a team that was seemingly supposed to win no games, won five, and the praise came from all angles upon Brian Flores and the coaching staff he assembled.  

The first shoe to drop was Offensive Coordinator Chad O’Shea being fired. This change, in my opinion, is the most eye-opening. Only because of the lack of talent on the offensive line, and in the backfield do I think that O’Shea could have done better with more. I previously wrote about the prevailing theory that O’Shea’s desire to get Quarterback Josh Rosen in house, led ultimately to thread of a difference of opinion on the offensive side of the ball, thus the firing. What happened next is where the concern lies. Chan Gailey was reported to have come out of retirement to sit in the head offensive chair. He has yet to be officially named to that role. Between that, and the rumor of coaching standout Jerry Schuplinski getting the nod-but then leaving for New York to be on Joe Judge’s staff is leaving the staff in disarray. Coupled with the fact that Jim Caldwell is still on the payroll, with no role, and has stated his health is good, and he wants to return to the coaching ranks. We still don’t have a clear-cut answer to the question of who is going to be the OC, and what kind of changes we can see to playbook. 

Defensively, Coordinator Patrick Graham has also moved on from the team and found a new home in New York under new head coach Joe Judge. I’m honestly less concerned about the defense, because of Flores’ pedigree as a D-coach. The report is that Josh Boyer, who has equally done will with the Defensive Backs will move into that top spot. 

The fact that with so much shuffling going on, there isn’t equally swift movement to officially fill the holes on the staff has led to a colorful array of names being rumored to those positions. Former Cowboy coaches Jason Garrett, Kellen Moore and Kris Richard are some of the fun rumors floating around while fans wait with bated breath for Brian Flores to name those replacements so we can get the business the player personnel part of the off-season.