2020 is here and I can say the last two decades for the Dolphins have been mediocre. Since 2000, after Dan Marino retired, and Don Shula retired a few years before that, the Dolphins haven’t gotten over the hump of being a poor/mediocre franchise and only have made four playoff appearances. Many people think a QB will change the team while others think building from the trenches but here is the main reason why the Dolphins have been in the same spot; an inept front office.


I know what you’re thinking but in order to be a playoff team, you need to have a stable front office with a plan to develop talent and reliable coaching staff to utilize the players strengths. That’s how teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, New Orleans Saints, and Pittsburgh Steelers manage to get into the playoffs every season with building from the draft, discipline within the locker room, and creating multiple franchise players. Many fans think we need to have a QB to replicate what Marino has done for the team which I won’t disagree that QB is the most important position but need to let the QB be themselves. The reason I mention this is because between 2000 and 2012, the Dolphins went through a cycle of QBs claiming to be the next Marino (Fiedler, Feeley, Beck, Henne, Culpepper, White) and failed. When they drafted Ryan Tannehill, they should’ve stop there and build a reliable team around him, but they didn’t. The inept front office at the time wanted him to be something that he wasn’t, treated him like a project instead of a franchise QB, didn’t address the offensive line after he was the most sacked QB in 2013, and local media portrayed him as an unfit QB. I will say that the regime at the time should’ve never overpaid Ryan Tannehill but things happen and happy he is playing well over in Tennessee.

Now moving forward to 2020 with the NFL Draft months away, the Dolphins need to find players (and a QB) they like for their team to make them a reliable playoff team. Around this time last year Ross made it clear that he wants this franchise to be a championships caliber team but you need to find reliable people for your front office who are all fighting for the same goal: winning a Super Bowl. Another important factor to add, everyone in the front office needs to be held accountable if something does not work and we have seen this story happen multiple times within the last decade. Fans, it’s time to stop dwelling with the what ifs and focus on the future for this once prestige franchise. We do have lots of draft picks but if you don’t address your biggest needs (outside of QB) or your picks don’t stay longer than three seasons, someone has to provide accountability that can lead to termination.

Cheers for a Prosperous 2020!!