The 2020 off season will be Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier’s second making final decision on all football decision and perhaps his biggest. Last year was the easy part for Grier, he re-gutted the roster by getting rid of several high-priced players not living up to their contracts and made several trades to bring in more high round draft picks. The Dolphins had more than $60 in dead money against the salary cap for players no longer on the roster and limited cap space.

Now the Dolphins have more money than anybody in the NFL in cap space and more draft picks than anybody in the league including 3 first round picks to add more talented players to a roster that is depleted with talent. It’s a miracle the Dolphins won 5 games last year with their weakened roster and it’s a credit to head coach Brian Flores and his staff, but now Grier must find the players to help Flores and his staff improve their performance on the field this year and beyond.

Grier’s biggest decision and most important is finding a franchise quarterback something previous regimes failed to do. He has the 5th pick in the draft and a lot of options to either trade up or stand pat. I personally feel he should be bold and trade up because some teams are going to be looking to trade up and he can’t be passive. There have been too many times the last 20 years where the Dolphins have a chance to draft quarterbacks at their pick, such as Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Matt Ryan only to pick someone else. The Dolphins have also had chances to trade up and get a quarterback, such as Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen when they needed to bring in a young quarterback only to stand pat and let another team overtake them. It’s time for the Dolphins to make a statement and be serious about taking a young quarterback instead of settling on a lesser player at the position. If Grier can find that quarterback for the next 10-15 years, he might be the savior of the franchise. Previous regimes led by either Dave Wannstedt, Nick Saban, Randy Mueller, Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland, Dennis Hickey, and Mike Tannenbaum failed to find a quarterback. Some of them you could make the argument were too stubborn to try to find one such as Wannstedt. That’s his biggest move this off season.

Grier has more money to go after players, but I feel the Dolphins have been down this road and went after a big-name player only for the team to get bit in the behind due to poor play. Grier has to be smarter with his free agency approach. He doesn’t have to sign the big dollar players. He should look for a few players that can contribute and more importantly at the right price. The Dolphins have so many holes on their team one player in free agency isn’t going to fix this team at least I don’t believe so.

The Dolphins have 3 first round picks and 2 second round picks in this year’s draft so Grier is going to have the opportunity to get some good players. Assuming the Dolphins keep these picks, Grier must hit on these picks. The Dolphins have had a lot of duds in the draft and while Grier has been a part of them, he did bring in a couple of respected people to his front office in Marvin Allen and Reggie McKenzie to help him out. With the collaboration of all three, hopefully the Dolphins make the right moves to get the Dolphins moving in the right direction.

The Dolphins and Chris Grier have an opportunity this off season to change the fortunes of this franchise and give this team hope for years to come with the right moves. The Dolphins have the resources this off season to improve the football. If the Dolphins don’t make the right moves starting this off season, they are going to be stuck in the state of futility for years to come. Grier has a chance to change that and cement his legacy with the Miami Dolphins. If he can’t then it will be another failed job by another regime. I can’t say I remember an off season where the Dolphins have had multiple first and second round picks at their disposal to go along with the cap space available. Now is the time to take the next step and move this team in a positive direction.