Following the NFL Combine, teams are ramping up their efforts when it comes to spreading misinformation throughout the league. Keep in mind where these stories and rumors are coming from, and what purpose they could potentially serve. It is common for NFL teams to “leak” false info as truth to local beat writers in order to build a layered smokescreen. We’re seeing a lot of that right now, so let’s find out where, or if, there’s fire. 

  1. Tua and Miami got off on the wrong foot.
  • Coming out of the combine there were multiple reports that the Dolphins’ initial interactions with the ‘Bama product were somehow awkward or negative. Consider that Tua has expressed, on multiple occasions, his admiration for the attention and praise he has received from the Miami fanbase. He has seemingly been angling for Miami, in my opinion. Tua telling people that his time with the Dolphins was strange seems to serve as his way of propping a smokescreen. The way that Tua has fielded Dolphin-related questions makes me believe that South Beach is where he hopes to land. 
  1. The Dolphins view Justin Herbert as the #2 QB. 
  • While it is true that Miami has spent quite a bit of time scouting Herbert, I don’t believe that they would seriously pass on Tua in favor of him. Obviously Tua comes with the injury baggage, but all indications are that he is coming along favorably. If the Dolphins do end up selecting Herbert over Tua, then I think that would say much more about the true concern regarding Tua’s health. However, Brian Flores and the Dolphins are the perfect landing spot for the southpaw QB. Miami does not need Tua to come in and be ready to play by week one in 2020, and he would only figure to benefit from a year of rest under the tutelage of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Remember, Stephen Ross signed Flores to a 5-year deal. This is not a one year turnaround and it was never intended to be. Patience. 

  1. Miami could move up to #1 to snag Burrow. 
  • Don’t see this one whatsoever. Most of this smoke is coming from Chris Grier’s quotes regarding moving up in the draft. Grier was asked if the Dolphins would consider moving up to #1 overall, and in response he stated that the team is open to moving all over the draft. Saying something, but nothing simultaneously. Cincinnati will not be convinced by anyone to move out of the top pick. Burrow will be a Bengal. Plus, the price that Cincinnati would charge for such a move would be very illogical for the Miami Dolphins considering the other QB prospects. Toss this one away and forget about it.

Side note – Some Dolphins fans still believe Rosen should be the future? 

  • Okay, this one is crazy to me. I didn’t think that this belief actually existed in reality, but the internet has once again proven me wrong. If you are a Dolphins fan who would prefer that Miami moves forward with Rosen as the anchor of this franchise, then you are an absolute masochist. This idea, thankfully, will not be entertained in the reality which we live in. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Rosen when he was coming out of school, and I fully supported the trade with Arizona. He has surely gotten a raw deal thus far in his NFL career, and I truly hope he can get a fair shake one day, but that won’t happen in Miami.