I must admit, this will be one of the most interesting offseasons in a very long time, being a Miami Dolphins fan. That statement can be good or bad, you chose for yourself. There’s been a ton of Tua Tagovailoa Love; and subsequently Tua hate. Let’s say the Team from Washington, Or Detroit, or one of the seemingly infinite trade up scenarios happen, and the Dolphins don’t get a crack at Tua. Let’s look at Plan B and dive into bizaro world and talk ourselves into a Justin Herbert selection.

The reasons for drafting Tua early, even trading up to get him are plentiful, and the “stans” are out, concocting every story in the book as to why people who disagree are the worst form of people in history. A large portion of fans believe he’s the pick, by any means necessary. However, there’s a contingent of populous in the ether that are okay with going in a different direction. Since the combine, that voice is getting louder. Why Justin Herbert?

The biggest reason the team stays at 5 if there’s a bidding war for the Bama signal caller, or a team before Miami picks him, is simple. Staying at allows you to keep the picks accumulated. Trading away marquee talent to gain those picks took a lot of effort and keeping the those picks to restock the roster with great young talent on a rookie cap is vital, focusing on The Oregon product will probably allow to keep the assets obtained.

Justin Herbert has the talent to be an upper echelon caliber Quarterback in the NFL. We all seen how effortless his throws were at the combine, and for anyone that questioned his accuracy may be able to breathe a little easier. This kid has the talent to ball. He was slated to be a top 3 selection in 2019 had he declared but elected to stay in Oregon. While I wasn’t a fan of the decision, he is better than Haskins, Lock, and even Minshew, who are considered to be three of the top QB’s drafted in 2019 after their rookie seasons. Kyler would have gone 1, but there would have been a bidding war for his services last year.

Secondarily, he wasn’t asked to do a lot of running in Oregon, but it felt like his last bowl game was meant, to showcase his ability to read, react and run if he had to, and Run he did, to Three touchdowns, while being held to none through the air. I believe if put in an RPO scheme, or a scenario where he had to run for his life, much like Ryan Fitzpatrick did this year, he could.

He’s not Ryan Tannehill, and Brian Flores isn’t Adam Gase. The biggest issue with most fans is his demeanor can easily remind of Tannehill. My biggest frustration with Ryan was “Barney Personality.” It always seemed, whether good or bad, win or lose he had the same goofy look as nothing affected him while season upon season dwindled away. Ryan just couldn’t talk himself out of the issues that the team around him had. and while Justin has a soft demeanor, I don’t think coach Flores will put him in the same lose/lose scenario that Gase put Ryan in. Flores doesn’t care who the Quarterback is, if that player puts him in the best position to win, he will play. I’m less concerned with Herbert being able to lead a team because he has a coach, he can glean from in Coach Flores, and theoretically a great teacher in OC Chan Gailey.

The fun is about to begin when it comes to the Dolphins offseason. Chris Grier and the Dolphins have been linked to every top-tier Quarterback. He’s been masterful in his approach to the media. Fans and most insiders won’t know what the team does until draft day, and with the offseason in full swing, if team decided Justin Herbert is the future for the team. I would reluctantly be OK with that.