The NFL draft has a lot of hype, build up, and smoke screens leading up to the event and it makes fans anxious before it starts. This year is no different than any other year. One of the biggest things when you watch the draft is when is a team going to throw a curve ball with a pick nobody sees coming? Last year the New York Giants did it when they picked Daniel Jones. A few years ago, the Chicago Bears traded up one spot to pick QB Mitchell Trubisky. It got me thinking could the Miami Dolphins do that with the 5th pick and everybody knowing and thinking they are going to take a quarterback.

In 2007 the Dolphins had the 10th pick in the draft and all signs pointed to them taking quarterback Brady Quinn because the Dolphins needed a quarterback. The Dolphins had a new general manager Randy Mueller and head coach Cam Cameron, who spent extensive time with Quinn. It seemed like the perfect fit, but then the Dolphins were on the clock and the pick was in. The Dolphins took wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. Like every Dolphins fan and expert, my jaw dropped and never saw that coming. Cameron met the fans, and everyone booed as soon as he talked to the crowd. He did all he could to try to defend the pick, but there were no way fans were going to boos into cheers. There was so much anticipation for the Dolphins to take a quarterback in the 1st round for the first time since Dan Marino.

That brings me to 2020. The Dolphins have the 5th pick and have a huge need for a quarterback. Unlike 2007, the Dolphins have two other 1st round picks and it’s expected barring any trades the Dolphins have 3 quarterbacks to choose from. Now the 3 quarterbacks have question marks either durability, inconsistent play, or needs time to develop. The Dolphins must make the decision do they take one with the 5th pick.

However, with the team having major holes at offensive tackle and other positions it is possible the Dolphins might consider taking the best player available. It will obviously come down to how their draft board comes out. Quarterbacks do get drafted higher than expected because it is the most important position on the team. The Dolphins could have players rated higher and the question will be taking the best player or roll the dice on the quarterback.

As much heat as Muller and Cameron got, they made the right call. Quinn was a bust and was out of the league in 5 years while Ginn is still playing. The unfortunate part is that regime was fired after 2007 and Ginn was eventually traded. Ginn was not a big-time receiver, but he was an exceptional returner and speedy receiver who could stretch the defense.

Taking a quarterback is what is going to define general manager Chris Grier. The question becomes where he takes one in this draft. He passed on one in the first-round last year and had chances in 2018 to trade up and get one or could have taken Lamar Jackson with his pick. Instead he took the best player on his board those years. Grier isn’t known for trading up or down in the first round so he might stay where he is with his 3 first round picks.
Most likely he takes a quarterback at 5, but I always think back to 2007 when they took best player available over quarterback. I think Grier takes a quarterback, but it will not shock me if he pulls a curve ball on us. It’s something that would be interesting if history repeats itself.