With the NFL draft just about one week away I figured I would do what I do best. Talk about some draft prospects! Since the Dolphins have a league-high 14 picks in the 2020 class I think it will be good to provide Dolphins fans with a Big Board of potential targets for each position. For each position, I will give a target in the first round, a target in the middle rounds, and a target on day three of the draft I think could potentially fit the Dolphins.



1st Round Target: Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama

“Tank for Tua” has been the mantra of Dolphins fans for quite a while now. Although reports say they may like Justin Herbert more, Tua still checks a ton of boxes. He’s got an innate feel for pressure in the pocket, has fantastic placement to all three levels of the field, and is mentally developed enough to start in year one. If Miami is comfortable with his injuries then I expect him to be the pick at 5.

1st Round Target: Justin Herbert, Oregon

This is the only position I will do multiple first-round targets because Herbert needs to be discussed. If you have listened to General Manager Chris Grier talk about QBs then you should know he cares a lot about prototypes. QBs do not get more prototypical than Herbert. At the combine, he measured in at six-foot-six, 236 pounds, and with 10-inch hands. It does not get more prototypical than that. Herbert is mobile as well, and he has an absolute cannon for an arm. He checks all of the boxes Miami could want, and Dolphins’ fans need to make peace with him possibly being the pick.

Middle Round Target: Jake Fromm, Georgia

I can almost guarantee this will not happen, so I won’t spend a lot of time on it. Fromm is a smart and accurate passer if he doesn’t have to stretch the field. Flores and company will value his ability to keep the offense on schedule which could make him appealing in a scenario where Miami passes on a QB at 5.

Running Back: 

1st Round Target: J.K. Dobbins, Ohio State

Dobbins brings a well-rounded skill set to the table new Dolphins OC Chan Gailey should value. He’s got great lateral movement making him the perfect back to run the ball in a spread offense. Dobbins showed he could be a good enough pass-catcher to stay on the field for third downs too. He’s not the fastest guy in the world, but I think he’s got enough juice to make big plays.

Mid-Round Target: Zack Moss, Utah

Moss is a bit of a throwback RB prospect. He’s a bruiser in between the tackles who has no issues running defenders over or taking on contact. He is great at picking up extra yards when taking on contact due to his elite contact balance. He is a tough kid, and Brian Flores strikes me as the type of coach who loves that.

Late-Round Target: Lamichal Perine, Florida

Perine is one of the more well-rounded backs this class has to offer. He’s got good lateral quickness and solid enough vision to be an effective runner in between the tackles. His ability to pass catch and pass block will be appealing to a coaching staff looking to fill out the roster on day-three.


Wide Receiver:

1st Round Target: Justin Jefferson, LSU

Miami does not have an immediate need at WR, but Jefferson could be BPA at the backend of the first round. He would be an instant upgrade in the slot and would pair nicely with DeVante Parker and Preston Williams outside. Again, I would be surprised to see this happen, but Jefferson is a perfect fit.

Mid-Round Target: Van Jefferson, Florida

Jefferson is one of my personal favorite players in this draft class. He’s one of the best route runners the draft has to offer which should allow him to be an instant impact player. Jefferson is not the most athletic guy in the world, but his ability to separate should make him a good slot receiver right away.

Late Round Target: K.J. Hill, Ohio State

Hill is the most prototypical slot receiver this draft has to offer. He broke the record for receptions at Ohio State which is quite impressive given the talent they have produced in recent years. Hill is not a great athlete and runs a limited route tree, but he’s a proven slot with good hands and quickness.

Tight End: 

1st Round Target: N/A

Trust me on this one it’s not going to happen.

Mid-Round Target: Cole Kmet, Notre Dame

I don’t think Miami is going to take a TE this high, but Kmet strikes me as their type. He’s a big body who moves well enough for his size. He provides some receiving ability as well as some ability to block in-line. He would be a good compliment to Mike Gesicki, who doesn’t offer much as a blocker.

Late-Round Target: Thad Moss, LSU

Moss is the son of NFL great Randy Moss you would not know it by watching him though. He is an NFL ready blocker which Miami needs right now. He’s got a nice catch radius and really good hands. He’s got two big problems though. One, he’s suffered a couple of serious foot injuries in recent years. Two, he struggles to separate as a receiver in the open field.


Interior Offensive Line: 

1st Round Target: Cesar Ruiz, Michigan

Ruiz is probably the only IOL who deserves to go in the first round. For Miami, he would provide a ton of value since he can play both guard and center. This would allow the Dolphins to put whatever combination of Flowers, Dieter, Karas, and Ruiz on the field they would want.

Mid-Round Target: Shane Lemieux, Oregon

Lemieux is a prototypical boxer on the inside. He’s got powerful hands and great leg drive allowing him to move people off their spots. He showed a great ability to handle different pressures with the Ducks which makes me think he can be a starter early in his career.

Late-Round Target: Damien Lewis, LSU

Miami wants to run a power-scheme. Lewis is an absolute mauler in the trenches who loves to move defenders places they do not want to go. His hands are quite powerful allowing him to create movement right off the snap. He is not the best pass blocker in the world because he has some heavy feet. There are plenty of starting guards in the league who have the same strengths and weaknesses as Lewis.

Offensive Tackle: 

1st Round Target: Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville

Becton is my personal lowest-ranked tackle out of the consensus top-4. With that said, I think he’s perfect for the type of team Miami is trying to build. Becton is the most powerful lineman I’ve ever scouted. He pancaked more defenders then I could count on film and moves surprisingly well for his size. If Miami wants to wear teams out in the heat, Becton is their guy.

Mid-Round Target: Lucas Niang, TCU

Niang’s 2018 film was first-round caliber. Sadly, he suffered a hip injury in 2019 which forced him to compensate on the field. When healthy, he’s a powerful people mover with quick and precise feet in pass protection. This isn’t Tua’s hip injury. Niang’s isn’t as bad, and he should be ready to go for 2020.

Late Round Target: Jack Driscoll, Auburn

Driscoll is a little limited from an athletic standpoint, but he’s pretty polished with his technique. He projects nicely as a potential swing tackle and could even play some guard if needed. Basically, he is the perfect backup offensive lineman with his versatility to play multiple spots.


Defensive Tackle: 

1st Round Target: Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina

I would be quite surprised to see the Dolphins go this route in the first round. I would also be surprised to see Kinlaw fall to number 18. If he were to fall, Kinlaw would provide the Dolphins with an interior pass rush they have not had in a while. He is long, strong, and explosive. Putting him next to Christain Wilkins would be fun.

Mid-Round Target: Davon Hamilton, Ohio State

Hamilton has been a popular pick in my mock drafts because of the potential value he brings in the middle rounds. Miami needs a true nose tackle, and Hamilton is one of the best in the draft class. He’s powerful and stout in the middle with a surprising amount of juice as a pass rusher. He’s a scheme fit at a position of need; it doesn’t get much better than that.

Late-Round Target: Bravvion Roy, Baylor

Roy is built like a refrigerator in the middle of the defense line. He’s stout and a perfect nose tackle Flores’ scheme. He too has more juice than I was expecting on the inside but is far from a consistent pass-rushing threat. This is not a sexy pick, but Roy would fill an important role.

EDGE Rushers: 

1st Round Target: K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU

When I think about the perfect player for the Dolphins defense, I think of Chaisson. He is versatile enough to play both on the ball and off the ball. He’s a stout run defender with great length. His movement skills and ability to bend are unnatural for someone of his size. Chaisson likely won’t make it to 18 but if he does, they need to make that pick with speed dial.

Mid-Round Target: Julian Okwara, Notre Dame

I have not seen anyone draw this connection yet. Miami would probably have to take him at 39, but he checks a ton of the boxes. He’s long and bendy with some serious juice in his first step. Okwara needs a little more sand in his pants when defending the run which may turn Miami off from him. With that said, he checks all the physical boxes and a lot of the on-field ones too.

Late-Round Target: Trevis Gipson, Tulsa

Gipson is another long-armed EDGE prospect. Miami just loves those guys with vines attached to their bodies. He’s got enough juice to create some disruption off the edge too. Gipson has a lot of refinement that needs to be done, but as a developmental player, he fits Miami’s scheme perfectly.



1st-Round Target: Zack Baun, Wisconsin

Baun is a hybrid EDGE and LB which is exactly what Miami is looking for. You know that Spiderman meme of them pointing at each other? That would be Miami’s LB room if they drafted Baun because they would pair him with Andrew Van Ginkel, Vince Biegel, and Kyle Van Noy. Two of which went to the same school and all of them essentially fill the same role Baun has much more juice than his Wisconsin counterparts and reminds me a ton of Van Noy.

Mid-Round Target: Malik Harrison, Ohio State

Not going to lie, I had some trouble with this one because I really don’t think Miami will address this position early in the draft. I picked Harrison because he reminds me a ton of Raekwon McMillan. He could serve as his backup and possibly take over when McMillan’s contract is up. Also, another OSU LBer would be quite on brand for Chris Grier.

Late-Round Target: Shaquille Quarterman, Miami

Quarterman is another player who I think could serve as a backup to McMillan. He’s a great downhill player who is experienced defending the run. Quarterman has a great reputation as a leader and is an absolute thumper in the middle of the defense. He’s got limited upside but a depth role would serve him well.


1st-Round Target: Jeff Gladney, TCU

Assuming Jeffery Okudah and C.J. Henderson are off the board, Gladney strikes me as someone Miami would target. The Dolphins ran some of the most man to man defense in the NFL last season, and Gladney is a great man to man cover corner. He’s ultra-physical with enough versatility to play in the slot if needed.

Mid-Round Target: Darnay Holmes, UCLA

I am working under the assumption the Dolphins will look at CBs with experience in the slot. Holmes is an ultra-competitive CB who loves to battle with receivers all the way down the field.  He’s an elite athlete with great speed, burst, and smooth hips. Holmes struggled a bit this past season, but he killed the pre-draft process. Because of that, I am still confident he can reach his ceiling.

Late-Round Target: Myles Bryant, Washington

Bryant is another ultra-physical slot corner I think Miami might be interested in. He fights like crazy with receivers and made a ton of plays on the ball despite his small stature. Bryant isn’t the high caliber athlete Holmes is which is why he’s a later round option. The Dolphins may value his fight and production late on day-three.



1st-Round Target: Xavier McKinney, Alabama

I would not be shocked at all if McKinney is a Dolphin after April 23rd. Given Miami doesn’t trade up, he should be on the board at number 18. McKinney is a versatile chess piece on defense with enough range to play in deep zones as well as play in the box. He’s plenty smart enough to start in year one and comes from an Alabama scheme that prepares players well for the pros.

Mid-Round Target: Antoine Winnfield Jr, Minnesota

Flores raved about Winnfield Jr’s father at one of his post-season press conferences drawing an immediate connection between him and the former Golden Gopher. Winnfield Jr checks every box Miami could want in a safety. He’s got great range on the backend, a playmaker’s mentality, and plenty of football IQ. He’s versatile enough to play slot cornerback too which is a position of need for the Dolphins.

Late-Round Target: Harrison Hand, Temple

Hand played CB while at Temple but projects best as a safety in the NFL. He’s one of the best tacklers the safety class has to offer, which is something Brian Flores will definitely value. Hand projects best at safety, but he’s versatile enough to play CB in a pinch. His physicality and versatility could make him a target on day-three of the draft.