The name Tua Tagovailoa has been on the minds and lips of Miami Dolphins fans for over one year now and now with only three weeks away from the NFL Draft the drum beat of Tua to Miami is getting louder and stronger.

So, this all leads back to the question at hand; if Burrow is the first quarterback off the board then where will Tua land? And what are the odds of Tua being selected by the Miami Dolphins?

Odds show the Miami Dolphins as the favorites to land Tua currently and the Dolphins as the favorites to select the talented lefty quarterback out of Alabama

(Odds via SBD)

There are many questions though about if Tua should be the 2nd rated quarterback in this draft and are there too many red flags around him at this time specifically talking about his injury history. Tua’s injury history is long and many questions whether he is built to hold up to the grind of a 17 game (yes 17 game) NFL season.

Those concerns are legit and something that any team that selects Tua will have to worry about. With that said though I think the Miami Dolphins would be crazy to pass on Tua in roudn 1 of the upcoming draft. There are many reasons I feel this way lets look at a couple.

First and foremost the Dolphins have three first round picks and even if Tua turns out to be a bust, it will now be a total loss with this draft, as long as the Dolphins can hit on their other two first roudn picks. Nobody expects Chris Grier or any NFL GM to go three for three on all of his first round picks, but if he wants to roll the dice some and take a chance on Tua this is the year to be a little risky and a gambler.

Second, if Chris Grier passes on Tua and then Tua goes someplace else and becomes the superstar many think he will be, then that is a fire-able offense for Grier where he should lose his job. Before Tua’s last injury, the major hip injury, he was the clear cut #1 quarterback prospect heading into this draft. The injuries have hurt his stock some, but you still have to look at this and think if those injuries are behind him and if his medical records are clear then this kid has the talent to be very special.

The Dolphins have a big decision on their hand in a couple weeks when it is round one of the NFL draft. Do they select Tua? Do they hope Tua falls to pick #5 and into their lap? Or do they be aggressive and trade up to #2 or #3 to make sure they get Tua?

Fans and the media will debate those topics for the next 14 or so days, but one thing is for certain is that we will finally see the last chapter of the Tua to the Dolphins story which has been talked about and built up for over one year now. How will it end? Tune in April 23rd and find out.