Well, mid-June is upon us and with MLB looking like it is going to take a pass on the 2020 season and with the NHL and NBA working on putting the finishing touches on a plan to return later this summer it is time to start doing early prep work for your upcoming fantasy football drafts which honestly will be here before you know it.  In recent years the Miami Dolphins haven’t had many players which you would consider “fantasy football” worthy of holding on to let alone starting. Even last year with DeVante Parker nobody really “bought-in” on him or “believed” he was a new person and a dominant player until about 3/4 through the season. Heading into 2020 though things are different and in this article we will break down the Miami Dolphins 2020 Fantasy Football values for this roster.


DeVante Parker WR– Obviously the best skill position player currently on the Dolphins and the first Dolphins player who will go off the board in every fantasy football draft most likely. Parker is coming off a 1,202 yard and 9 TD season so his value is up there entering 2020 as many think he can equal those numbers if not surpass them. In the world of fantasy, I don’t think anyone believes Parker is a WR1 by any means but many have him penciled in as a WR2 for sure. And that is about where is value is.  I am here to say, while yes if he is the #2 WR on your fantasy team that is fine, but…..BUYER BEWARE!  Yes, Parker turned the corner in 2019 but 2020 will present him with many new challenges. For one, he is no longer flying under the radar of the opponents he is playing and teams will be game-planning for him and preparing for him. Second, he may have a rotating door of quarterbacks going in and out of the lineup. Fitzpatrick to start, eventually, Tua, if Tua struggles or gets hurt then maybe back to Fitzpatrick. Third, can Parker show last year wasn’t a fluke and be great for more than one season? Fourth, Parker has a history of injuries and while in 2019 he avoided the injury bug can he do that a second year in a row? Taking off your Dolphins fan-hat for a minute and being objective there is a lot of question marks around Parker heading into 2020 that as a fantasy owner you have to keep in mind. With that said though his 2019 season was amazing and even if he slips some, he still has the most fantasy value out of anyone currently on the Dolphins Roster.

Best Case: WR2

Most Likely: WR3/Flex

Worst Case: Bye Week Replacement WR to use Now and Then


Preston Williams WR– To me this is the most intriguing Dolphins player to own in fantasy football as I think he will give you the most bang for your buck value-wise. Coming off the knee injury there is some concern there no doubt, but unlike with Parker who is someone that you will have to invest a middle round draft pick on, with Williams you should be able to get him in the final rounds of the draft. And if Williams picks up where he left off last year before the injury that would be a steal. In only 8 games last season Williams had 428 yards and 3 touchdowns and if we extrapolate that out over a 16 game season under the assumption he stays healthy that is roughly an 800-900 yard season with 6-7 TD’s. And those are numbers that give him fantasy relevance in the world of fantasy football. Parker is going to get all of the attention no doubt; whether it be in fantasy football or in reality. Williams is a guy who is flying so low under the radar it could be great value for Dolphins fans. No, he isn’t a WR worthy of starting in any fantasy leagues immediately. But as a bye week replacement or someone you can draft super late and stash with the hope he returns to his 2019 pre-injury form, then you may have a guy who by mid-season is in your lineup each and every week.

Best Case: WR3/Flex by mid-season

Most Likely: Bye Week Replacement to use Now and Then

Worst Case: Drop him by Week 4 and open up a Roster Spot


Albert Wilson/Jakeem Grant/Allen Hurns/Isiah Ford WR: These four players have zero fantasy relevance and should not be drafted in your fantasy football league. Unless either Parker or Williams get a serious injury where they miss many weeks or months, they probably aren’t guys you will look to add to your roster at any point in the season.


Jordan Howard RB– To me in 2020 Jordan Howard is the running back for the Dolphins you will want to own. I believe Howard gets a bad rap and his track record and history are often overlooked. At only 25 years old Howard has seasons where he rushed for 1,300+ yards, 1,100+ yards, a season where he was just 60 yards short of 1,000, and in an injury-plagued season in 2019 he just under 600 total yards. And when it comes to touchdowns, 6,9,9,6 in his four seasons in the league. Howard is productive and he can find the endzone. From a pure fantasy football perspective, he is a guy in which you know what you will get each week out of him and that alone is something you don’t see often in fantasy football. Now as a member of the Dolphins he only has one other running back on the roster who will take snaps from him as it isn’t a deep backfield in Miami. Howard will see work and be on the field a lot. The offensive line is a work in progress and does make you a bit nervous, but it doesn’t scare me off. I know I said earlier that Parker will be the first Dolphins player drafted in most fantasy football leagues and while that is 95% most likely accurate, there could be a league here or there where someone takes Jordan Howard before Parker and if someone did I couldn’t and wouldn’t call them crazy. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to see Jordan Howard in 2020 run for 1,000 yards and score 7 touchdowns.

Best Case: RB2/Flex Starter

Most Likely: RB2/RB3

Worst Case: Bye Week Option to use Now and Then


Matt Breida RB- The other Dolphins running back they added on day three of the draft in a trade. While between the two I think Howard is the safer Dolphins running back to own, you can make a case for drafting Breida late in fantasy drafts as well. When looking at 32 NFL teams and the starting 32 NFL Running Backs when ranking which teams have the weakest starting running back who has a chance to be overtaken, Miami and Jordan Howard would be near the top of that list. Which makes Breida someone you may want to take a flyer on late in a fantasy draft. Yes, Breida is fast, really really fast. But his track record as a full time running back in the NFL just isn’t there. A lot of questions and uncertainty about what you are drafting and from a fantasy perspective. I am not sure what Breida’s role in Miami will be in 2020, we know he is in the final year of his contract so he will be motivated that is for sure. Overall though I don’t see him as someone who has a lot of fantasy value to begin the season. If in the final rounds of your fantasy draft you want to take a flyer on him to see if Jordan Howard falls on his face or gets hurt, he does have value there in that he could quickly and easily be a starting running back on an NFL team at that point. And in fantasy football that does have value.

Best Case: Flex Starter/RB3

Most Likely: Bye Week Replacement to use Now and Then

Worst Case: Guy on your Bench You Don’t Use

Mike Gesicki TE– The only Tight End on the Dolphins roster worth talking about is Gesicki. And once again, take off your Dolphins “fan-hat” and be objective and realize we are talking strictly about fantasy football here. In 2019 Gesicki had 570 yards and 5 TD’s which in real-life football is great, but from a fantasy perspective that locks him in as a TE2 and not much else. And in most leagues where you only start one tight end, and you may (many people don’t) carry a tight end on your bench, makes Gesicki un-draftable. The other factor working against Gesicki in 2020 is the new offensive scheme in Miami. Chan Gailey’s offenses typically don’t feature the tight end much if at all. The last year Gailey was an offensive coordinator in the NFL when he was with the Jets, over a 16 game NFL season, the entire Jets tight end roster caught only 18 passes. That’s 18 passes the entire season!  Do I think there is a happy medium here, of course. I think Gesicki is good enough that in any offense he will put up decent numbers no matter who the offensive coordinator is, but from a fantasy perspective, I don’t think he has much value in all honesty.

Best Case: Bye Week Option to use Now and Then

Most Likely: Bye Week Option to use Now and Then

Worst Case: Undraftable and Not Even Someone You Consider Picking Up Off the Waiver Wire 


Dolphins Defense: I actually think the Dolphins defense has some fantasy value in 2020 for the simple fact I believe half of their games will be played against un-proven or piss-poor quarterbacks. Jacksonville, New England (twice), LA Chargers, and Cincinnati either have rookie quarterbacks who are unproven or someone (like Stidham) who has done nothing in this league. Then you look at some other guys who Miami faces like Drew Lock and Kyler Murray and while they are promising 2nd-year players they aren’t guys who put the fear of God into you just yet. And then, even Sam Darnold who I have little respect for and think is very ordinary, Miami gets to face him twice. And that’s not counting Josh Allen who is very hot and cold and an inaccurate passer. The Dolphins do not face a lot of top-flight quarterbacks in 2020. Yes, when Miami plays Pat Mahomes bench their defense. Same for the road game vs San Fran. But I think this is a Dolphins defense you can stream and play more weeks than not. I also think with the very good secondary you could see this as a team that gets you a lot of coverage sacks as well. And sacks = points.

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB: As nice as a season as Fitzpatrick had in 2019, he isn’t a draft worthy fantasy football QB. Not a QB 1, not a QB2. Especially when everyone on planet Earth knows he is just keeping the seat warm for Tua.

Tua Tagovailoa QB: In a Dynasty league, yes he has value and you should draft him early. In any other non-Dynasty league, just a normal yearly fantasy football league (even a keeper league), Tua has no fantasy football value in 2020.