We have a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT to make involving two new features right here at DolphinsTalk.com

First, we are starting a Miami Dolphins Fan BUSINESS DIRECTORY. If you are a business owner that is a Miami Dolphins fan we will promote your business here on our website and advertise it free of charge. The goal is so Miami Dolphins Fans can support Miami Dolphins fans. Whether you’re a Dolphins fan who owns a car wash in Cedar Rapids, Iowa or a Dolphins fan who owns a pizza shop in Utica, NY, to someone who lives in South Florida who might own a clothing apparel business or mini-mart; we will promote your business so Dolphins fans learn about your business, know where it is and can support other Dolphins fans. And you don’t just need to be an owner of a business to use this directory. If you are a Dolphins fan who may be a sales rep who lives off of commission and works at a place of business (ie cell phone sales rep) you can send in your contact information and information to where people can find you to give you business.

All you need to do is send the name of your business, a website/Facebook link (if there is one), phone #, and email address to DolphinsTalk1977@gmail.com and we will put the name of your business up on our websites new BUSINESS DIRECTORY. We will provide you with free promotion here on the website so Dolphins fans from around the globe can support fellow Dolphins fans when they are in whatever part of the world.  Our mission is that we, DolphinsTalk.com, as this great Miami Dolphins community can support fellow Miami Dolphins Fans during these trying times.

Second, we want to hear YOUR STORY. In another brand-new feature to DolphinsTalk.com. The Miami Dolphins have a global following and we want to hear YOUR STORY of how you became a fan of the team. So, email me at DolphinsTalk1977@gmail.com YOUR STORY of how you became a fan of the Miami Dolphins. You can include a picture as well and we will put it up on our website. Our goal is to build up various stories from Miami Dolphins Fans from around the globe. So we all can read and learn how fellow fans of the Dolphins became fans of the team over the years. Everyone’s story is unique and different and interesting and we want you to share YOUR STORY with the world if you so choose so.


The Miami Dolphins have one of the largest and most giving fan bases in all of the professional sports. In these trying times, let’s support each other, lift each other up, and listen to each other. We are one large Miami Dolphins Community and we need to support one another every chance we get.

(this is a joint venture with Jim Gorton finsareinjim@gmail.com from the finsarein.com website and https://twitter.com/finsarein)