We are days away from the start of the 2020 NFL season which means you know what time it is. That’s right it’s time to break out my crystal ball and look into the future to tell you how things will play out and give you my 2020 NFL season predictions.

Oh yes, my crystal ball never lies…. never!

Being a Miami Dolphins fan and the owner of this website, I think this season will be a tale of two halves for the Dolphins. I think the first 8 weeks of the season or so will be a challenge for this young Dolphins team as they try to integrate so many young players into key roles on this team. By the second half of the season I think Miami will steady the ship and make a bit of a run at a wild card spot, they will ultimately come up short.

My picks and predictions the last two seasons were a bit off and to correct that problem I have a brand-new crystal ball. That’s right I now have the Quartz Clear Crystal Super-Sphere 3000 the Cadillac of Crystal balls. And what I am seeing for the upcoming 2020 season is coming in very clear. I see some new faces on top of the AFC East and a return to prominence for one NFC team that all fans love to hate. I see a few new teams in the playoffs this year and a couple of teams trying to make one last run at a Super Bowl with aging quarterbacks. So, without further ado let’s get to my 2020 Picks and Predictions.


AFC East

Buffalo: I think they are a bit overrated but probably are good enough to win this division this year

Miami: This team is a year away from being really really good

New England: They have just lost too much and I don’t think they have a good quarterback on their roster. Their Over/Under is at 9 wins at bestsportsbooks.co and I think that is too high.

NY Jets: I hope Trevor Lawrence likes big city life. With the #1 pick of the 2020 Draft


AFC North

Baltimore: This team is solid everywhere. The only question is can Lamar Jackson win an important game with his arm in a big spot on a late drive

Cleveland (WILD CARD): This team was overhyped last year and this year they are flying under the radar and I love it. Big year for the Brownies

Pittsburgh: When Big Ben went down last year they surprised everyone. This year I just don’t see it with this team. A very ordinary team I see them as

Cincinnati: They are in year 1 of a rebuilding year and well….that’s what it is


AFC South

Tennessee: A solid team in every area and I can see them making a Super Bowl Run

Houston (WILD CARD): I think the loss of Hopkins will hurt them more than they think

Indianapolis (WILD CARD): Rivers has one more run left in him

Jacksonville: They will be in the mix for the #1 overall draft pick


AFC West

Kansas City: Until someone knocks them off they are the class of the AFC

Denver: Team on the rise. The Lock/Jeudy connection will be fun to watch

Oakland: This is an interesting team, I could see them surprising and be in the mix of a playoff spot this year if all things fall right

Las Angeles Chargers: With Tyrod Taylor and rookie Justin Herbet it will be tough for them to compete in 2020 and win games


NFC East

Dallas: The Cowboys are going to be really good and Dak will be extremely motivated

Philadelphia: Their offensive line has some injuries heading into the season, questions at WR, can Wentz stay healthy? Lots of questions but when healthy they are good

NY Giants: Tough team to get a read on. I think they are better but not better enough to make an impact in the NFC

Washington: The turmoil surrounding this organization will spill over onto the football field. Too much drama and not a healthy environment


NFC North

Minnesota: This could be a big year for the Vikings!

Green Bay (WILD CARD): It will take till about Week 4 for them to regret taking Jordan Love and not taking someone who can help them now

Detroit: Lions make some progress in 2020, but still not enough to make a playoff run

Chicago: I have no clue what this franchise is honestly doing


NFC South

New Orleans: One last run for Brees and he is surrounded by a great team

Tampa Bay (WILD CARD): New Look Bucs with Brady under center, this team will be much better in 2020

Atlanta: This is not a 3rd place team and in any other division they would have an easier road.

Carolina: Is Bridgewater the guy who can lead this team to victories? I’m not so sure.


NFC South

San Francisco: This team is loaded everywhere, it really does come down to JimmyG

Seattle (WILD CARD): They are built to win in the here and now and are a solid team

LA Rams: They aren’t the same team from their Super Bowl run a couple of years back

Arizona: A team moving in the right direction that is probably a year or two away


AFC CHAMPIONSHIP: Kansas City OVER Tennessee


SUPER BOWL:  Dallas OVER Kansas City

MVP: Pat Mahomes

SUPER BOWL MVP: Dak Prescott




So that is it, my 2020 NFL Season Predictions are now out there in the universe. Let’s hope my new and improved crystal ball makes me look like a genius and not a fool come the end of the season. Enjoy the 2020 NFL Season everyone!