2020 NFL Over/Under Predictions

Each and every NFL season my favorite bets to make are done prior to the season and betting the OVER/UNDER predictions on win totals. They are season-long bets that gives you a rooting interest in teams that aren’t your dedicated favorite team. I think if you study closely you can find some hidden gems in these bets that are good ways to make money. Here are my “best bets” for the 2020 NFL Season on the OVER/UNDER win total.

P.S…I made all of these bets in real life as well.

P.S.S..Being a Dolphins website I should mention the Fins. I wouldn’t touch them on this type of bet. Although if I had to I would take the OVER. The number is 6 wins but Miami is very young in a lot of areas, has two new coordinators, and might throw a rookie quarterback on the field at some point this season for a chunk of games. I do think Miami will go 7-9, but I wouldn’t put money on it because with that killer schedule I could see 5-11 or worse just as easily.



New England Patriots UNDER 9

This is a team that has 8-8 or worse written all over them. I know they still are the “Patriots” and they still have the head coach so put some respect on their name.  And I am respecting them, I don’t think they will be a total dumpster fire in 2020, I just don’t see them getting more than 9 wins. I see a very flawed team in many ways. No weapons at WR, a lot of running backs but no clear cut work-horse running back, the front seven on defense is nothing special, and oh yeah they have two QB’s on their roster who I don’t trust.


NY Jets UNDER 6.5

There is no way on God’s green earth this team will win 7 games or more in 2020. Name a WR or TE on the roster that puts fear into an opponent? I will wait……..still waiting,……. ok I gotta go to bed soon. Their head coach is a lunatic who can’t handle stress or pressure, and oh yeah they traded away their best player on defense. Bet a lot of money on this, bet your house, bet your retirement fund, bet your wife and kids (if you can legally of course) cause this is a sure-fire CAN’T-MISS 100% STONE COLD LOCK!


Tennessee Titans OVER 8.5

I think they are the best team in the AFC South and I think this number of 8.5 is actually insulting. Titans win between 9 and 11 games and I don’t even think it’s up for debate. This team is good, like really good. Solid everywhere and they have a quarterback who is “just good enough” not to screw it up.


Los Angeles Chargers UNDER 8

Tyrod Taylor…..do I need to say anything more? Do people remember how BAD he was in Cleveland a couple of years ago when he was their starter and it lasted what a month? If that. And once Baker Mayfield came in he actually performed well. Tyrod will just check down on every pass attempt and the offense will be awful. Oh yeah, they lost their best defensive player in Derwin James as well. AFC West is no joke but the Chargers are!


Cleveland Browns OVER 8.5

Some might say this one is a little risky, but I don’t. Cincinnati is a bit of a mess and I’m sorry I just don’t see it with the Steelers. Then look at the rest of their schedule, you have bad team after bad team like the Jets, Giants, Washington, the Raiders. I think the Browns beat up on some cream puffs, sweep Cincy, maybe sweep Pittsburgh and get to 9 wins easy.


Chicago Bears UNDER 8

Again you have a team with a BAD quarterback that is going to be better than a .500 team? NO WAY JOSE! Plus you have two games vs the Packers and Vikings (no cake walk there) and I actually think he Lions are decent this year. The Bears have a bad quarterback and have a last-place team written all over them.