As Great as Fitzpatrick Was Tua-Time Is Still Coming in 2020

The Dolphins Thursday night victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars was as close to picture-perfect as you can get. The Dolphins played a complete game on offense, defense, and special teams.

The defense was in total “bend but don’t break” mode.

The offense ran the ball well when it mattered early in the game, then late in the game when it just needed to chew clock, it did that as well. The offense also made numerous plays in the passing game to help them storm out in front to a 28-7 lead.

From that point, there was no looking back. And if you bet on the Dolphins Thursday night you were laughing all the way to the bank. And, if you are betting on the Dolphins moving forward this year check out BetQL where you will always find the most updated NFL odds, lines, spreads, picks, and more.

This was one of the most stress-free Dolphins games to watch, from a Dolphins fans perspective, in many many years. And the key factor for that was the outstanding play of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

On Thursday night it truly was Ryan FitzpMagic and not Ryan FitzTragic. It truly was the best of Fitzy as he went 18-20 for 160 yards, 2 TD’s along with 7 rushes for 38 yards and a TD, and oh yeah, he caught a pass to boot.

He did all of this with a big ole smile on his face and having a grand old time on the field. This was the Fitzpatrick from the 2nd half of 2019 and not Week 1 of 2020 where he threw three interceptions.

With Fitzpatrick though it is always a rollercoaster. You never know what you will get from game to game let alone from series to series. And at 37 years old that isn’t going to change. This isn’t an old dog who will learn a new trick or learn to become consistent and protect the football as he is knocking on retirements door.

So, enjoy watching the occasional gem as we saw on Thursday night, laugh it up with Fitzpatrick when he talks about his beard or does a post-game interview showing off his chest hair, and smile after he leads the Dolphins to a victory.

BUT…………. don’t fall for FOOLS GOLD!

Don’t be fooled into thinking performances like this are anything but short-term moments of joy.

Don’t have crazy thoughts thinking Fitzpatrick can lead Miami to the playoffs and maybe playoff wins.

Fitzpatrick, as he has said numerous times, is just keeping the seat warm. And performances, like we saw Thursday night, do not change that.

TUA-TIME is still coming in 2020. Maybe October….maybe November. But Tua will replace Fitzpatrick and it doesn’t matter how many performances Fitzpatrick has this year like the one he had on Thursday night. Nothing will change that.

It doesn’t change the plan one bit. It doesn’t matter how good Fitzpatrick looks each week.

Any notion that Tua will sit a year, or he isn’t healthy enough to play, or maybe Fitzpatrick can take us somewhere in 2020. PLEASE!


You are making yourself look foolish.

You either are refusing to admit the obvious, are a Tua-Hater, or just have a lack of common football knowledge.

Tua-Time is coming and it will be here before we know it. But for one night, for one glorious Thursday night…Ryan, Fitzpatrick showed off FitzMagic on a national stage and damn it was fun to watch.

So remember as great as Fitzpatrick was Tua-Time is still coming in 2020 and when it’s here you will be saying “RYAN-WHO?”