Miami Dolphins Training Camp: Back to the Basics

Coach Brian Flores seems to be leaving nothing to chance when it comes to the Miami Dolphins training camp. As we are all aware, the National Football League has been hindered due to the global health crisis. Now that training camp is taking place, players are beginning to learn that the notion of “business as usual” will not be overlooked. The main challenge that Flores (like every other coach) has had to deal with is a balance between urgency and player safety. When we consider the fact that no preseason dress rehearsals took place this year, it becomes even more important that the players themselves are up to par and ready to go by Week 1. So, how has the team been coping up until this point?

Dealing with Distancing Issues

This is one of the problems which has affected nearly every professional sport in existence. However, football has been even more impacted due to the simple fact that the game itself is very physical in nature. How can trainers and coaches alike guide their players when distancing measures have to be kept in place? Statements such as “that was a penalty” and “you were holding” cannot be immediately determined simply by looking at a replay. In the absence of live tackling, there is no doubt that training sessions have taken on a strange flavor in recent weeks. However, Flores also states that he hopes to tackle in the very near future.

Might These Training Restrictions Impact Performance During the Season?

This is the most obvious question and yet, there are no clear answers. Many other sports have been hindered by such training sessions and it will be difficult to know how they are impacted until live competitions actually begin. Unlike those who continued to play blackjack online during the recent health crisis, a great deal has changed within the real-world sporting community.

The good news is that the Dolphins have been enduring the same constraints as every other football team in the NFL. In other words, they should be on a level playing field once competitions resume again. The main issue here is whether or not Flores will be able to reinforce the fundamentals of gameplay under these new rules. Furthermore, what happens if additional social distancing measures need to be put in place during the fall? Would these further restrict practices? While no one wishes to talk about the elephant in the room, the fact of the matter is that such a scenario could very well lead to the cancellation of the remainder of the season.

Football is all about overcoming challenges. This is why the Dolphins should fare relatively well during such interesting times. Flores is a strong leader and he is backed up by equally efficient trainers and medical professionals who work for the organization. The Dolphins are also a very cohesive team from an internal perspective and this will undoubtedly impact their performance on the field.

As fans of all ages eagerly await what is in store, we have to hope that the team is ready for any challenges that lay ahead.