The Dolphins Will Beat the Jets Easily This Sunday

The Dolphins weren’t supposed to play the Jets this Sunday but by god, I am glad they are. The Dolphins will beat the Jets easily this Sunday so don’t even try to come up with a scenario where they might lose this game.

I know as fans of the Miami Dolphins we are always waiting for the worst thing to happen and 9 times out of 10 it usually does. With that said though, it won’t happen this Sunday. Not against this NY Jets team.

If you are a gambler, bet every dime you have on Miami and for the Dolphins to cover this week. The point spread is only Miami laying 8.5 at the time I am typing this. And if your betting check out BetQL’s NFL picks for this weekend and find out which games their betting model loves.

You may be asking yourself…” Mike, how can you be so confident?”

And the answer is simple; the 2020 NY Jets are the worst team in the HISTORY of the NFL! Yes, the HISTORY of the NFL.

I am not overstating that, I am not exaggerating in any way at all, this team is that bad. This team makes the 2007 1-15 Miami Dolphins look like the 85’ Bears.

This Jets team probably is going to start Joe Flacco who looks every bit of 35 years old and is coming off neck surgery. He makes a cigar shop wooden Indian look mobile. And if they do start Sam Darnold, who cares?! He hasn’t been great since entering the league and is not a quarterback opponents stay up nights worried about playing.

They just cut LeVeon Bell Tuesday night so that means its 37-year-old Frank Gore and Lamicel Perine as their go-to guys in the running game now. Who is Lamicel Perine you ask? EXACTLY!

Their tight end (Chris Herndon) has been beyond dreadful this year and Jets fans are calling for the organization to release him or at least bench him.

The wide receivers, OH THE WIDE RECEIVERS! Name one? I will wait… stuck for a name? Not surprised. When Jamison Crowder is your #1 wide receiver you know that group is pitiful. And they are going to go up vs Xavien Howard and Byron Jones! Thoughts and Prayers to the Jets wide receivers this week.

On defense, it doesn’t get any better for the Jets. Their starting safety is questioning how they practice and the effort the team gives in practice.

Neville Hewitt starts for the Jets at linebacker. Nice guy, is a former Dolphin, but no way should he be a starting linebacker in the NFL.

They don’t have a cornerback on their roster who can stick with or cover DeVante Parker. Expect a huge day for DeVante.

I also don’t think they have a guy who can stick with Mike Gesicki, I would expect to see Gesicki run wide open down the middle of the field most of the day Sunday.

This is why this game will be a laugher. A total blow-out. Why there is zero, yes I say ZERO chance the Jets beat Miami this week.

Fitzpatrick can be Fitztragic and throw for 4 INT’s and Miami will still find a way to win.

This NY Jets team has quit on their head coach Adam Gase.

This NY Jets team doesn’t play hard at all.

This NY Jets team is void of talent everywhere.

There is no way on god’s green earth the Dolphins can lose this game, if they do then all of the “good” we saw in San Francisco goes right out the window because losing to the worst team in NFL HISTORY is inexcusable.

If I am wrong, if the unthinkable happens and the Dolphins do lose, feel free to openly mock me and have a good laugh at my expense. I will eat all the crow in the world. But I am pretty certain that won’t happen and that I will be eating Pizza and Wings after Sunday’s contest celebrating a Miami Dolphins victory!