Miami Dolphins Week 6: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Week six is in the books and capped off with a dominating Miami Dolphins win over the hapless 0-6, Adam Gase led NY Jets. This game was a lot of fun for Dolphins fans, and I’m sure it was even more fun for Tua Tagovailoa who played his first snaps as a professional football quarterback. On paper, the shutout win will look like the Dolphins dominated the Jets from start to finish on all phases of the ball, but that’s not the whole story.

The Good

There was a lot to like with this game. We played the Jets and we won in a fashion that a winning team wins against a poor opponent. We blew them out and made coach Gase look…well….bad. Good teams beat bad opponents even when the good team doesn’t play their best game. No traps, just wins. The running game looked to pack a punch early on, led by Myles Gaskin who no doubt wanted to prove his worth after hearing the Dolphins flirt with Le’Veon Bell all week. It looks like Myles has solidified himself as the lead back along with Matt Breida as a secondary option. The rushing attack looks to be in stable and dependable hands.

How can you not enjoy Tua coming in to close the game out and ending with two solid reads and good passes, while Ryan Fitzpatrick cheered him on from the sideline? It was a fantastic moment.

Emmanual Ogbah has 5 sacks and the first 6 games of the season. The pass rush came together well today and is continuing to show themselves to be more of a strength than a liability.

The Bad

The team scored 3 points in the second half and I tweeted out during the game that if the Dolphins played anyone but the Jets, the game was probably going to end in a loss.

The team didn’t get Gesicki involved at all and  Parker wasn’t very involved either in the passing game. Credit to Adam Shaheen who played out of his mind today, but this game was certainly a tale of two halves.

The Ugly

It was a Fitztragic game. Fitz didn’t play very well adding two picks to his total, and it felt like the offense was different and got worse in the second half. It may feel like nitpicking after a shutout win, but the lack of offense in the second half and Fitz seemingly forcing throws and his overall performance became sobering even when shutting out Adam Gase. That team is in shambles and we should have beat them by 40.

There was a lot to like with this game. The Dolphins blew out the Jets, shut out Adam Gase, and Tua Tagovailoa, after his near career-ending injury took snaps and looked good in his small sample size. The team is 3-3 going into the bye week and there’s a ton to be optimistic about. There are also some issues to be cautious about also. However, there’s definitely a lot to be excited about.