The Dolphins have been searching for many years to find their head coach and QB of the future. Now they have found it.

The Dolphins Finally Have their Coach and Quarterback

We knew that after starting 0-7 in 2019, and finishing the season 5-11, that there was a chance that the Miami Dolphins have found their guy at Head Coach, but 5-11 is not a record Owners, GM’s and fans want. With what Flores was given in the 2019 season, it seemed like an accomplishment to get to 5-11.

There were still questions on whether there would be positive momentum heading into the 2020 season. However, after starting 3-3 before inserting Tua after going through the gauntlet of the schedule, I trusted Brian Flores with this move. They see things on an everyday basis that we do not, and with how Flores has been able to get his players to buy in and was able to go 8-7 from the time the Dolphins started 0-7 in 2019 to the Bye Week of 2020.

What was Tua’s grade did I give Tua for his first game against the LA Rams: incomplete. It was a fair grade because the game plan called for that when the Defense and special teams scored on multiple occasions.

In Tua’s second start, his grade: A-: Two plays that prevented Tua from getting an A+ was the intentional ground play that had no chance of getting to an eligible receiver and one of his lineman. The other was the interception that was overturned. Yes, it was overturned, but this was a learning opportunity for Tua that if he is going to live to see another down, he’s got to make sure that he throws the ball to a place where absolutely nobody can go and get it, giving a scare to everybody. Thankfully, he avoided that rookie mistake.

Think about this QB-Coach Combo. I know it’s two games in, but the Combo is 2-0, or should I say Tua and 0. This would not be the first time that a possible franchise quarterback pairs up with a head coach that’s more of a defensive mind, that’s if this pair ends up being what we think they will become.

When watching Tua go 20-28(71%) for 248 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 INT’s, did you get flashbacks of his time at Alabama? I sure did. I know the guys on Daily and the other contributors on this site beat the dead horse on Tua’s accuracy, but yesterday reassured that Tua that we saw in his 3 years at Alabama, 2 in which he was the starter. Especially when Tua kept hitting passes on more than one read consistently, really showing that he has patience in the pocket. No moment is too big for Tua Tagovailoa, we knew that after he came in the game of the 2nd half of the 2017 National Championship Game. The ability to respond consistently after the Cardinals scored, shows that he is built for this. Playing in the SEC for 2 seasons as a starter is the next closest thing to the NFL.

We saw another game in which the defense showed up once again. I know Miami gave up 31 points, but the game in which you keep up with the pace of a high-powered offense in Arizona and get a defensive score, you’ll live with that. Miami’s next opponents with a combined record 7-24-1, one would expect that the Dolphins will more than likely not give up 31 points against their next 4: vs. Chargers, at Broncos, at Jets vs. Bengals. Brian Flores has learned to adjust from game-to-game, quarter-to-quarter, and even series-to-series, they’ll clean up the big plays from this past weekend, if they continue the trend they’ve been on this season.

There’s a trust from the players to the coach, Tua’s teammates surrounded him in his post-game interview with CBS, proving that the quarterback change did in fact not divide the locker room that people ridiculously predicted. There’s confidence, trust, and momentum that the Dolphins have some of the two most important things that a football team needs to compete for a title: A great Quarterback and Head Coach combination.