Coach Talk: Week 12 Review of The Coordinator’s Press Conference’s

Here is a quick review of the offensive and defensive coordinator’s press conferences leading up to this week’s match-up against the 0-10 New York Jets.

Chan Gailey (Offensive Coordinator)

The Denver Broncos defense sacked Tua Tagovialoa six times in last week’s game, and so questions about the quarterback holding on to the ball too long were brought up.

Gailey’s response was, “there’s a fine line in there. Sometimes you can hold it longer than you should, and it’s easy to say “oh you should have thrown it”.” Gailey also explained that “part of that is on receivers… and I got to do a better job at calling plays where he’s not standing there waiting for guys to get open.”

Gaily was also asked about Tua admitting that he struggled in the last game identifying “open” receivers in tight spaces. Gailey’s response on the matter was, “All this comes with experience… I think you have to just keep working with the receivers… and have to see it time after time to know that this guy is going to come open… and then other times don’t try to force the ball”. Which Gailey admits is easier said than done.

All eyes will be on Tua this week. After he was benched last game, critics will want to see how he will respond.  Will he be able to adjust to the tight throwing lanes in the NFL or will his struggles from a week ago continue?

It’ll be interesting to see how Chan Gaily and his offense will perform this week against a winless New York Jets team that looks to be slowly improving. In the last two weeks, the Jets have played better than they have all season, losing close games to the Patriots and Chargers both by less than a touchdown. If Miami’s offense can not be fixed their issue’s from last week then it’ll be another tough game for them.

Josh Boyer (Defensive Coordinator)

The Broncos offense ran all over the Dolphins for a total of 189 rushing yards. It was reported that Denver’s head coach, Vic Fangio, stated that the team’s run success was due to the Dolphin’s old school defensive fronts.

Josh Boyer’s response was “We do numerous different things. We are very multiple with our fronts… I think it comes down to making sure that we are putting our players in a good position to succeed, and then when things come up, being able to adjust and put our guys in better spots.” Boyer also shouldered some of the blame for the defense’s deficiencies last week, saying “Situationally, there are good times to call a (play), and times it’s not so good, and it can put you in a disadvantage.”

Whether it’s the playing calling, defensive fronts, or the performance on the field, the defense needs to figure it out. In Miami’s first match-up against the Jets this season, Joe Flacco was the starter due to Sam Darnold being injured. This time around, the Jet’s will have their starting quarterback back under center. You can definitely expect that this will not be the same Jets offense that the Dolphins shut out in their Week 6 match-up. Our defense will not enjoy that same success this time around. The Jets offense has probably circled this game on their calendar since that loss. They’ll desperately want to make up for the goose egg they laid.  They’ll want their redemption. They’ll want their revenge.

My Prediction

All though the Jets have yet to win a game, they are playing the best football that they have been playing all year, almost snapping their losing streak these last two weeks. They’ll be even more determined and hungry for a win against their division rivals. However, I think the Miami Dolphins will be better prepared and focused this week.

I agree with what Coach Gailey said in his press conference, that the more reps Tua gets, the more comfortable and successful he will become. I believe his performance last week as part of his “growing pains” as a rookie quarterback. Something that he can learn from and build off of as he improves as an NFL quarterback. This week, I think we see positive development from Tua and the Dolphins’ offensive unit. Which should take the pressure off of Miami’s defense and allow them to get back to playing their style of football.

I’m predicting that Tua and Miami’s offense will have a much better performance against the Jets this week, and with the Dolphin’s defense back to playing dominating football. The Miami Dolphins beat the New York Jets 24-17.