Sunday didn’t go as planned with Miami losing to the now 3-6 Denver Broncos 20-13. It has left many with a bad taste in their mouths, and rightfully so. At no point did it ever feel like Miami was in or in control of the game. Ultimately it led to the benching of rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa which made a bad day even worse. That decision has ruffled some feathers and has been critiqued at nauseam by the talking heads on every sports network. With Miami entering the game on a five game winning streak it seemed like this was going to be a walk in the park. Well, it was indeed a walk in the park, just for the Denver Broncos.

Despite the loss, Miami is still in a prime position to make a playoff run. In an article I wrote three weeks ago I did a schedule breakdown of the upcoming stretch of games. Starting with the week 9 contest vs the Cardinals though week 13 vs the Bengals. I had Miami going 4-1 in that stretch with a loss to the Broncos. Unfortunately, I was correct. However, after starting the season 1-3, any rational fan should be thrilled with being 6-4 at this point in the season. The next two games should get Miami to 8-4 as we play the winless Jets team and the Joe Burrow-less Bengals.


Let that sink in for a second! What a job Chris Grier and Brian Flores and the entire coaching staff have done so far this season. They have left us fans salivating for more though. The job isn’t done. If Miami wants to play past week 17, the December gauntlet of games holds the key.

Week 14 vs the Chiefs

Week 15 Vs the Patriots

Week 16 @ the Raiders   (this game looms LARGE)

Week 17 @ the Bills

A combined 26-14. For Miami to have a shot they need to go a minimum of 2-2 during that stretch. According to Miami currently has a 33% chance of making the postseason. Miami currently is on the outside looking in however at the 9th seed. With Miami winning the next two weeks, their playoff odds increase to 46%. If Miami defeats the Raiders, that game alone shoots Miami’s playoff chances up to 76%. That is why I said that game looms huge. The Raiders are currently Miami’s biggest competition for the postseason. The Raiders’ schedule is as follows.

Week 12 @ Falcons

Week 13 @ Jets

Week 14 Vs Colts

Week 15 vs Chargers

Week 16 vs Miami

Week 17 @ Denver

The mere thought of making a playoff run or even being a playoff team is incredible. Exactly 12 months ago Miami was sitting at 2-9. What a difference a year makes! This team is trending in the right direction friends. That should have us all very excited about the future of this team.

Entering year two of a full rebuild, Miami is seemingly ahead of schedule in that endeavor. This is still a flawed roster and it is nowhere close to the completed vision of Chris Grier and Brian Flores. Despite that, Miami is in the thick of the playoff race. And if you ask me, they are in a prime position to make it happen. The playoffs ultimately start in December for Miami. However, Brian Flores is the man I want in charge of that task.

For your own enjoyment head over to to run different playoff scenarios. You can select the outcomes of every game with updated playoff odds. By doing so, you will see just how realistic Miami’s playoff chances truly are!