Coach Talk Week 11: Review of the Coordinators Press Conferences

Here’s a quick review of Wednesday’s press conference with the Miami Dolphin’s Offensive and Defensive Coordinators leading up to their Week 11 match-up against the Denver Broncos (3-6).

Josh Boyer (Defensive Coordinator)

The media had a lot of questions about Dolphin’s sack leader Emmanuel Ogbah and how his emergence as a dominant pass rusher materialized.

Boyer pointed to Ogbah’s many skill sets and his work ethic as being factors to his success.  Mentioning that Ogbah “has shown the ability to be multiple.” Meaning that he can be utilized in many different ways and allowing him to be a productive player for the Dolphins. Ogbah is now considered a premier pass rusher in this league, already having recorded eight sacks this season, making him 4th in the league in that category.

The media also wanted the Defensive Coordinator to describe how much of the game plan is designed to create confusion among opposing offenses.

Boyer responded, “Anytime that we can put pressure on the offensive line. Put pressure on the quarterback. Which hopefully in turn puts pressure on the coordinator just to get them a little bit off-balance. That’s always the goal.”

The Broncos offense has been struggling this season. Melvin Gordon hasn’t turned out to be the running back that they had hoped he could be when they signed him during the offseason; and their quarterback Drew Lock has been less than impressive. Having already thrown 10 interceptions this season. Lock is also said to be dealing with a rib injury, leaving his status for the game questionable.

Regardless of who is in at quarterback for the Broncos, Miami’s defense will look to overwhelm their offense with all sorts of blitz packages and try to create opportunities for turnovers.

The Dolphins’ defense has caused 8 interceptions and 7 fumbles so far this season. When asked about the mentality regarding his opportunistic defense Boyer mentioned that, “We put a good amount of time into creating turnovers. Forcing turnovers. Scoop and score. Numerous different techniques and drills that these guys do. We put a lot of time and effort into it… I’m sure those guys have gained confidence in it.”

Look for them to continue that approach this week against Denver.

Chan Gailey Offensive Coordinator

The media shared an interesting fact during the presser. Mentioning that the last time the Miami Dolphins were 6-3 was in 2001, during Chan Gailey’s first stint as our Offensive Coordinator.

Seems like he’s pick up right where he left off.

A reporter asked Chan Gailey if coaches can teach quarterbacks how to be accurate or is it a natural talent.

“It’s hard to coach accuracy. I can’t get a guy more accurate than (Tua) is. But I think we can help him on the anticipation part. You can teach anticipation a little bit but they got to believe”, was Gailey’s response.

As a Dolphins fan, I’ll never get tired of hearing about Tua’s accuracy, and if he can improve on his anticipation, he’ll grow into a lethal offensive weapon.

The Dolphins offense have also had to deal with injuries among their skilled position group. Losing Myles Gaskin, Matt Brieda, and Preston Williams all of whom are all big contributors to Miami’s offense. As well as, being without a hand full of assistant coaches due to COVID-19 protocol calls. However, the offensive unit has managed to still be productive despite recent events.

When asked how the offense was able to battle through its hurdles Gailey’s response was, “I think we have guys that understand the system and what we are trying to get done. They realize the importance of being where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there. We’ve had some success and not a ton. But we can get better and need to get better.”

The Dolphins offense is finally starting to get in sync and have been able to overcome all their aliments. Showing their fortitude and displaying a “next man up” mentality. Look for the offensive unit to continue that mindset against a Broncos defense, that gave up 37 points last week in their loss to the Raiders.

My Prediction

This matchup has all the makings of a “trap game”. The Dolphins’ confidence is at an all-time high now that they are on a six-game winning streak. Miami will have to ignore the Bronco’s 3-6 record and look at the bigger picture. The Dolphins aren’t just playing the Denver Broncos, they’re also playing for the crown for the AFC East and a shot at making the playoffs.

I’m predicting that Brian Flores will have the Dolphins ready to play against the Broncos, and they’ll avoid falling victim to a “trap game”. The Dolphins’ defensive pressure will prove once more to be too much for the opposing offense. With Tua and Miami’s offense continuing to grow and show improvements in this game, it’ll be too much for an inferior Denver Broncos team to handle. I have the Dolphins beating the Broncos 31-16.