Dolphins Riding the Lightning- Winning Streak Now at 5

There’s no place like home for the Miami Dolphins.  Sure, two of the three losses that blemish this organization’s 6-3 record have come at a socially distanced Hard Rock Stadium, but those were “so two months ago.”  A man’s home is his castle and it must be defended, whether it’s a 1 room studio apartment, a 65,000 seat stadium, or a 3 bedroom pad on South Beach.  Yet, while much of the northeast United States endured wind and lightning weather extremes Sunday afternoon, the Miami Dolphins rode their own lightning at the expense of the Los Angeles Chargers.  Now, riding a five-game winning streak, the Miami Dolphins are a supercharged franchise in their own right.  If you feel that tingle throughout your body then you probably know what I’m talking about.

This Dolphins franchise has a lot going for it at the moment, which football fans will soon come to appreciate. Where so much of today’s digital media culture is focused on the “history of NOW,” the “history of what WAS” cannot be forgotten.  Every aspect of this team has been fast-tracked at a pace few fans would have expected.  Sit back and think for a moment about the last memory you have of a “complete” Miami Dolphins Football Team.  Go ahead, I’ve got time………………………… You probably can’t, and neither can I!  “Yeah, Bryan….what about when…..?”  Just stop.  Stop yourself right now.

We’ve all heard that winning football is broken down into three complete phases: offense, defense, and special teams.  Sometimes it can be tiresome, like a teacher constantly reminding you to review days before a test instead of the day before.  We all knew it but did you do it on a consistent basis?  Dolfans of all ages and backgrounds (even YOU who just hopped on the bandwagon), hear me now!  Appreciate every minute of every play of every game because what we’ve been waiting for is coming together before our very eyes.  Our Miami Dolphins have found a way to capture lightning in a bottle, which is a rarity in today’s National Football League.

As much as we might hate to admit it, the Dan Marino era was a one-dimensional definition of insanity……doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  Was it fun?  Of course, it was!  That’s how we learned to be the hopeful Dolphins fan we’ve always been.  Danny Boy always gave us a shot, like that girlfriend you loved but deep down you knew it would never work out.  Not much followed during the post-Marino 20 Years of Darkness, which probably left you in a constant state of despair.  But if you want the nutshell version, imagine being a parent to that one kid who just never learned from their mistakes.  “When will be able to run the ball?”  “Our defense can’t stop anybody.”  “The offensive line is horrible.”  “We need a decent coach.”  “How many more drafts are we going to blow?”  Sorry folks, we need to look at the past in order to understand the present so we can shape the future.  Might I suggest that what we are witnessing with these Dolphins is a glimpse into the future? I believe we are in the midst of the birth of a dy—ty.  There, I said it without saying it, and here’s proof.

Every single Dolphins draft pick from 2020 made the team.  EVERY pick.  That’s a lot of picks!  How about the year before that?  Pretty much all of them too.  Don’t forget about those free agent and undrafted free agent signings?  Throw in next year’s juicy 2021 draft picks along with any additional free agent signings, and now you have the makings of a dy—ty.  Let’s also not overlook the fact that only TWO players on this roster are over the age of 30 (Fitzpatrick/Van Noy) and will be under continuous strengthening, conditioning, and development.  The Plan is being executed as designed, with arguably a much quicker return on investment.  Perhaps if there had been a pre-season, 6-3 might have been 8-1, but now is not the time for hindsight.  Trust The Plan.

In his post-game press conference after defeating the Chargers, Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores was pointed in saying that, “They (players) know it’s a week to week league…How we prepare, how we practice, how we walk through, is a direct correlation to how we play.  I think they understand that.”  This is the plan and we are enjoying every second of every play of every game.  Smile Miami!