Brian Flores has the Miami Dolphins off to a very good start in 2020 and the main reason is how he manages the team and people

Miami Dolphins – Resilient

Every football coach has its own philosophy. Their recipe for success, if you will. Since Brian Flores has been the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, he has preached the importance of hard work and preparation. That is his coaching philosophy, and it’s a pretty simple one.

Flores believes that if a team works hard and prepares the right way, that they’ll be successful in the NFL. He believes that his philosophy builds a team that can withstand and overcome adversities. It builds a team that’s tough and durable. It builds a team that’s resilient.

That’s how I would describe the identity of the 2020 Miami Dolphins so far. Resilient.

The Dolphins have faced a lot of adversity leading up to and during the 2020 NFL season. Amid the offseason, the team lost its offensive and defensive coordinators. Which caused whispers of concern that a lack of consistency within the coaching staff would be problematic in Miami. However, this didn’t seem to phase Brian Flores one bit. In fact, he seemed to have been prepared for it. This was his opportunity to mold the Miami Dolphins into the team he had always envisioned coaching. This was his opportunity to bring in the guys that share the same philosophy that he does. This was his opportunity to finally start to establish the team’s identity.

Flores promoted Josh Boyer to be Miami’s new Defensive Coordinator, and then he got his old mentor and friend, Chan Gailey, out of retirement to spearhead the offense. The Dolphins also brought in ten new free agents who share Flores’s values of hard work and preparation. Soon after, talks of a “culture change” in Miami started to spark around the league. As pundits started to see the positive change that Flores was generating.

Now all that Coach Flores needed to get was a quarterback, and the Dolphins got him one when they drafted Tua Tagovailoain in the first round. Who, less than a year ago, suffered a terrifying hip injury that many believed would end his playing career. However, due to strict preparation, hard work, and amazing resilience, Tua was able to overcome his injury and prove that he was a good fit for a Miami Dolphins team that Brian Flores was creating.

Eight games into the season and the Miami Dolphins have a 5-3 record. Already matching their win total from a year ago and riding a four-game winning streak. Achieving all of this while constantly facing adversity.

Last week the Dolphins played the Arizona Cardinals without five of their assistant coaches due to COVID-19 protocols. This would have been a difficult hurdle to overcome, but Brian Flores had the foresight to make his coaches practice this scenario during the offseason. The Dolphins were well prepared and were able to defeat the Cardinals in an electrifying victory. Giving credibility to Brian Flores and his coaching philosophy of hard work and preparation.

It seems like adversity appears at the Dolphins doorstep just about every week now. This week, it’s been reported that standout wide receiver Preston Williams has been placed on injured reserve and will miss multiple weeks due to a knee injury. News also broke that defensive starters Kyle Van Noy and Christian Wilkins have been placed on the COVID list and are in jeopardy of missing Miami’s game this week against the LA Chargers. Leaving the Dolphins without three of their key players. With Miami two games away from first place in the AFC East, and in a tight battle for an AFC Wild Card spot, this couldn’t have come at a worse time. The Miami Dolphins finally finding their stride and creating a playoff buzz that hasn’t surrounded the team in decades, has yet another adversity to overcome.

Is this one too many hurdles for the Dolphins to endure, or can they prove once more to be resilient?