The Miami Dolphins on Saturday afternoon announced that quarterback Tua Tagovailoa was downgraded to “doubtful” for Sunday’s game against the New York Jets. Earlier in the week, it was announced that Tua sustained a thumb injury in practice, hitting his hand against a teammate’s helmet in the middle of a drill.

So, insert Ryan Fitzpatrick. This is why you signed him, for when your franchise quarterback goes down, you have that reliable backup to come in, play, and hopefully hold the fort. Again, this is something Miami failed to do during the Ryan Tannehill years.

Whether it’s Tua Tagovailoa starting for Miami or Ryan Fitzpatrick, there are zero excuses to lose to the New York Jets. Especially when Miami has a defense on the other side who only has allowed 20.2 points per game, 4th best in the league.

What does the Jets offense on the other side look like? Last in yards per game and points per game. Let’s not forget what the Dolphins were able to do last time these teams met, a 24-0 manhandling of the Jets. Yes, I know Joe Flacco was the QB and it’ll be Sam Darnold starting this time. But the Jets all around on both sides of the ball, even with Darnold, I don’t believe he can carry this team on his back. Though I do believe that Sam Darnold has a lot of talent.

On the other side of the ball for the Jets? 28th in yards allowed, and second to last in points per game allowed.

Is there really anything to be worried about when it comes to Tua missing one week with the thumb injury? No.

Having Fitzpatrick inserted in against the Jets, he might throw a pick or two, he did in their first matchup. But the Jets were unable to do anything with it. However, what matters is one thing and one thing only, a win. Even if it’s tied with a minute or two to go and Fitzpatrick has a game-winning drive, awesome. You got the win, that’s what matters.

I understand that not all games are the same, but most fans pay attention to not only their team does but they keep an eye on their rivals. A lot of Dolphin fans keep an eye on the Jets, Bills, and Patriots. We have seen how bad the Jets have been. Have they been close to winning a time or two? Yes. Do I believe that they will eventually get a win to avoid going 0-16? Yes, but Sunday is not that day.

For the Dolphins, after dropping a game in Denver last week against the Broncos, Miami needs a bounceback desperately if they want any chance to make the playoffs this season. It starts with just getting the win this weekend, it does not matter how you get it.

With where the Jets rank on both sides of the ball, there’s is literally zero excuses to drop this game. I was not in panic mode when Miami dropped the game against Denver, but if they drop this one, it will be more than just panic.

No Tua, No Excuses.