Good News!  The “network” liked what they read in our pilot episode and has picked up the “series” for the rest of the season.  If you missed the pilot earlier in the week, Miami Musings seeks to become your trusted source of deeper thoughts and observations that can’t seem to find their way into my weekly post-game Dolphins wrap-up.  This is not “Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy,” folks.  For the thoughtful, wonderous type of Dolphins fan out there in the world, Miami Musings seeks to pique your interest by filling that need of yours to see beyond media projection and commentary.  So without further ado, Episode 2:

  •  How interesting will the future be at the NFL quarterback position?  There is clearly a changing of the guard right now with an influx of young talent (AFC in particular) led by our very own Tua Tagovailoa.  I’m really looking forward to contests involving Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and that old man, Russell Wilson.  It’s exciting to know that there will always be a showdown of some type each year.  The Tua-Herbert matchup, in particular, will be fun because the LA Chargers QB could have very well been in South Beach.  That will be in peoples’ consciousness every time these teams play.


  • The people have spoken on the throwback Dolphin uniforms.  It’s tough for a team like the Dolphins to look “badass” when they show out wearing pastels and an amusement park logo.  This is the reason I own very little modern Dolphin gear, and I hate admitting it.  Young or old, when the Dolphins wear the throwback uniforms, Dolfans go wild.  We need to make that happen EVERY week.  Bring back the throwbacks for good!

  • The more I watch rookie safety Brandon Jones, the more I love his style of play.  He’s always around the ball, a sure tackler, and extremely disciplined.  On numerous occasions, Jones had held up late on hits when he had a clear/clean shot on the opponent.  The way he plays is a larger reflection of Brian Flores.  Years from now, fans will understand what a steal he was in the 3rd round and why the Dolphins traded up to draft him.  It pleases me even more that he replaced Minkah Fitzpatrick as #29 in the secondary.


  • The value of Jakeem Grant is directly proportional to whether or not Tua Tagovailoa starts at quarterback.  Grant is much more dangerous when Tua is on the field.  Tua is mobile and can run designed plays that pair well with Grant’s route quickness.  No offense to Ryan Fitzpatrick, but Grant is less dangerous in a traditional dropback, pocket-passing system.


  • It’s time for CB Xavien Howard to have a nickname….I’ll be referring to him as “The Raptor” until otherwise.  Anyone who loves dinosaurs knows that one of the defining characteristics of raptors is their stealing of eggs.  The mere presence of Byron Jones at the opposite CB position has allowed The Raptor to lead the NFL in 7 stolen eggs.


  • Kicker Jason Sanders has earned his reputation as an elite NFL kicker, right up there with Baltimore’s Justin Tucker.  While he does not have the longest track record, his composure is that of an experienced veteran.  As bad as the Dolphins were last year, Sanders never really had the opportunity to show off that right leg of his.  He also consistently kicks the ball out of the endzone or deep enough for touchbacks.  No kicker is perfect, but not having to sweat out a 48 yard FG every week is great for the blood pressure.