It was announced on Monday Morning that the Miami Dolphins coaching staff will coach one of the teams at the Senior Bowl. The Carolina Panthers will coach the other team.

Due to COVID a lot of teams had passed on coaching at the Senior Bowl, and the Dolphins were offered the opportunity and said yes.

“The entire Miami Dolphins organization is excited to take part in this year’s Senior Bowl,” Flores said in a statement. “In this unique run up the draft, the Senior Bowl will be a great opportunity for our coaches and personnel department to interact with these players for a full week. We look forward to with working these prospects as part of this premier event with a tradition of featuring top tier talent.”

With having four picks in the Top 50 at this time the Dolphins can use this to get an up-close look at a lot of the talent in this upcoming draft. It was reported on Sunday by Adam Schefter of ESPN that the Scouting Combine might be canceled this year, downsized greatly, or delayed. Another alternative is not having the Combine in Indianapolis and doing smaller regional events/combines around the country in order to not have all of the talent travel to one city. And because of this the start of free agency and the NFL Draft may also be pushed out and have their dates moved out to later in the spring. So, having the Dolphins be able to have an up close look at the talent at the Senior Bowl means more this year than it has in previous years.