Betting on the Super Bowl is not as easy as many people tend to believe. Regardless, you are a new player or a veteran bettor, there are lots of things you must do to increase your chances of winning. Here, we have highlighted some of the things you must know before delving into the Super Bowl season. These are the things you must do so as the odds can be in your favor.

Don’t Be Carried Away

Many people are overwhelmed by the wide range of prop bets available in the Super Bowl. Moreover, you’ll find other types of bets besides the props. We recommend that you only focus on a small number of bets that interest you and take advantage of them as early as possible.

Avoid Shady Betting Sites

While Super Bowl betting is fun and enthralling, you must be careful not to fall a victim of shady sportsbooks. There are some betting sites that will promise generous bonuses and other exclusive treatments but none will fulfill them. The best sportsbook must be licensed and regulated.

Ignore the Parlays

At first, parlay bets may seem like the ultimate dreaming for you. This is because you only have to risk a small amount of money to win life-changing sums of money. Nevertheless, all the high payouts come with a low percentage of winning.

Know How Correlation Works

Before you start betting, it is essential to understand that you are free to play props in the regular season in a full week because there are 13 to 16 games. However, most of your props will be uncorrelated. The good thing with the Super Bowl is that there is just one game. Thus, many of the team and game props are correlated.

Shop Around for Lines

Whether you are betting on props for fun or real money-making, you must select the best line possible. Each sportsbook sets its own odds and they vary from one to another. It is recommended to shop around for the best sites before you risk your money.

Try Live Betting

Live betting is getting more popular day by day. In fact, many betting sites now allow punters to wager on the Super Bowl in real-time. The best thing about live betting is, however, that the odds of winning could be way bigger.

Understand Advanced Stats and Metrics

There are two super teams in the Super Bowl, and there are hundreds of websites and algorithms that detail the general box stats. Nonetheless, understanding stats and metrics will help you understand why a certain team behaves in that way.


Every sport is done for entertaining the audience. You should not be carried away by the need to win money and to forget to enjoy watching the Super Bowl. Winning should come naturally.

The Bottom Line

The tips we have shared above are worth keeping in mind, especially if you want to increase your winning opportunities in the Super Bowl. There are also many other ht ft tips that you can apply to win. In the end, your success will depend on your research and the bankroll management skills that you have.