The 2020 NFL season is behind us now. If you were not lucky to bet on the previous games, you still have a chance this year. There are numerous sportsbooks and online casino sites where you can wager or play NFL games. For beginners, we have provided some of the popular types of bets that you should know before you jump to NFL betting.

Moneyline Bet

The moneyline bet is the easiest wager that you can make in any NFL game. In this case, you bet on the team that you think will win at the end of the game. However, this may not be easy because the odds are heavily weighted. As much as a moneyline bet is easy to make, it can only payout if you select an underdog.

Point Spread Bet

With the point spread bet, it is not always about the Miami Dolphins beating the Patriots. You must select by how much a team will beat another. Normally, these bets have better odds than the moneyline bets. The key numbers in this bet are very easy to understand and will help you to create your bets possible returns.

Game Total Bet

Commonly known as the Over/Under bet, Game Total bet requires you to root for or against points. The reason why it can be tricky to place this bet is that everyone wants to wager on the over. Since fantasy football has become very prevalent in the NFL, it can be easy to think that all numbers can be won. The secret to winning in Total bet us doing enough research to know the strengths and weaknesses of the teams.

Teaser Bet

Though teaser bets don’t have great odds, they will provide you with the opportunity to parlay with higher chances of winning. By teasing a line, you are adding or subtracting points to an already existing line. 

Alternate Point Spread Bet

This bet is good for the big risk-takers. The good thing about this bet is that it allows you to understand the games and get better odds for all your money. Predicting the outcome of a game is not easy, but if you are lucky, you can win large sums of money.

The Bottom Line

The above types of bets require you to understand how the NFL games work to maximize your winning opportunities. Once you have learnt the basics of the betting, you can advance to other bets like the props, parlays, first-half totals and many others.