The Houston Texans have decided to part ways with J.J. Watt and have decided to release him, making him a free agent.

This is interesting for Miami because as the roster stands right now, they need more help at the defensive end position.  This begs the question, should Miami attempt to bring Watt to Miami? The Miami Dolphins are currently sitting at $28 million in cap room. Miami has many needs, including WR, RB, OL, and Edge. Luckily for Miami, they can fix a lot of these needs through the draft as they have 4 picks in the top 50. This will allow Miami to splurge in free agency if they find the right guy that they think can put them over the top. Now is J.J. Watt that guy for Miami? J.J. Watt is coming off his worst season as a pro as he tallied up 5 sacks, 14 TFls, and 17 QB hits.

Now here comes the key, Miami needs more help stopping the run run game than they do creating a pass rush. Miami’s pass rush and pressure mostly comes from blitzes, different blitz packages, and looks rather than pass rushers beating their guy 1 on 1. Last season Miami gave up 116 yards per game and allowed 4.2 yards per carry. J.J. Watt would definitely help Miami’s run defense, but they would also lose some pass-rush production. Ultimately the decision to pursue Watt may come down to whether Brian Flores and Chris Grier think they need help to stop the run or the pass.

Another thing we must look at is how good is Emmanuel Ogbah really? Yes, he had a career year and was only one sack shy of double digits on the year. From weeks 1-10, Ogbah racked up 8 sacks. That is a good number until you realize weeks 11-17 during the playoff push, Ogbah only had 1 sack. It wasn’t only his sacks that took a hit, but Ogbah’s numbers of even getting to the quarterback took a big hit too. Ogbah racked up 5 QB hits against the abysmal Bengals offensive line outside of one game; Ogbah only had 2 QB hits in weeks 11-17. This poses the question: Is Ogbah really as good as his final numbers show, or was he only just on a hot streak? This will play into Miami considers signing J.J. Watt.

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