Miami is in a position to take the best player available on their board or trade back and add to their arsenal of picks in this year’s upcoming NFL Draft. The Dolphins have a plethora of teams they could trade the pick to as many teams may be looking to trade up to select a quarterback or offensive tackle. Let’s explore these options and see if it would be a good move or not for the Dolphins.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals may be interested in trading up for pick number 3, but not for a quarterback. Many people believe Penei Sewell is a generational talent and that Miami should and will select him at 3rd overall. Now it’s no secret that the Bengals’ biggest need is the offensive line. Outside of Sewell, any offensive line being picked at pick 5 would be a massive reach; so this puts the Bengals in a weird situation. Cincinnati should be all-in on the offensive line here in round 1. The Bengals will more than likely look to trade their pick and move up to the 3 spot to take Sewell. The Bengals would only be trading up 2 spots and Miami may be able to get enough back in a trade and be willing to trade down just two spots. If Miami doesn’t want to draft Sewell with the 3rd pick, this would be an amazing option because one of Micah Parsons, Devonta Smith, or Ja’Marr Chase would still be available for the Dolphins at 5 and they can add draft capital from Cincinnati to slide down only a couple spots.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have mentioned that they wanted to bring in competition for Jalen Hurts. Now, if Philadelphia wants to definitively sure up their future at the quarterback, they’d be wise to trade up and draft a quarterback to have two young quality guys on their roster. Miami’s reasoning to make this trade is a lot like the Bengals trade, as the haul they would get in return would likely be similar and they are still sliding down only a few spots to where they would still get a high-quality player at the top of round 1.

Detroit Lions

This is where things really get interesting. The Lions have traded away Matt Stafford for 2 future first-round picks. Detroit now has 2 straight drafts beginning next year to look forward to with multiple first-round picks. The Lions have gone on record stating that Goff is the guy and will be the starter. Here’s the thing, does anybody really believe that? Because of the amount of future first-round picks the Lions have, they may be willing to give away one of them and the 7th overall pick to trade up to number 3 and get their franchise QB.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have been aggressive in their pursuit of a quarterback this offseason. The trade for the Panthers to move up from pick number 8 to 3rd overall is their 1st round pick next season going to Miami. This could be more intriguing than the Lions deal as the Lions would probably only be willing to deal away the Ram’s future 1st, which would probably be a lot less valuable than a future 1st from the Panthers. There should be plenty of talent to help Miami immediately at pick number 8. One of Parsons, Waddle, or Pitts are likely to fall to the 8th overall pick, and all would address a need for the Miami Dolphins. The best part of this potential deal would be the future first-rounder they would get from Carolina. Carolina isn’t likely to be good and would probably be even worse if a rookie quarterback would end up being the starter. That Carolina pick would likely be a top 10 pick next season and could even be as high as the top 5 if the Panthers rookie quarterback struggles. This is the most likely and best trade option for Miami.

Houston Texans

This trade is all unlike the others in that Miami is trading way way back. Miami would be sending the 3rd overall pick, another first (or maybe two more first), and Tua Tagovailoa to Houston for Deshaun Watson. Instead of Miami gaining assets from this trade, they would be losing a lot of them in this year’s draft, yet acquiring a Top 5 quarterback in the NFL Currently. The Dolphins have been very vocal in saying Tua will be the Dolphin’s starting quarterback moving forward. This trade is unlikely to happen and would certainly be an interesting move considering how Miami could flip this pick for even more assets.

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