On Monday, the Miami Dolphins traded for offensive tackle Isaiah Wilson from the Tennessee Titans (the trade will become official at the start of the new league year). This move was a head-scratcher, to say the least, because Wilson was drafted by the Titans in the 1st round last year. And the same regime that drafted him wanted to part with him after just one season. Wilson had a disappointing rookie season, to say the least, playing only 4 snaps. He had some off-the-field issues as well going to a campus party in Tennessee that landed him on the covid list and then got arrested for DUI. The relationship with the Titans was so bad the Titans were willing to trade him for nothing.

Wilson is a talented offensive lineman at 6’6″ 350lbs but obviously has some maturity and off-the-field issues. He wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last player drafted high with the maturity or off-the-field concerns. Some players come in the NFL and feel their talent will carry them, but being a professional athlete is more than that. They have to prepare themselves, be coached up, and carry themselves to a higher standard because of their money. However, some young athletes, like Wilson, have to learn the hard way. When the team that drafts you gives up on you within the first couple of years, you have to either continue going down the path you are going or use it as a wake-up call and rededicate themselves to turn their career around.

The Dolphins liked Wilson in the draft process and felt this was an opportunity to upgrade the offensive line and add some depth. Head coach Brian Flores has a structure that could turn Wilson’s young career around. Flores isn’t afraid to take a chance on former first-round picks who didn’t pan like Josh Rosen and Taco Charlton. Those guys didn’t work out, but that isn’t going to stop Flores from trying again.

Wilson has to get himself into better shape and conditioning, which has been an issue for him. He can compete at right tackle cross-train at left tackle to play either position in case Austin Jackson or Robert Hunt gets hurt. Or maybe we can try him out at guard because he does have the size to play on the inside.

If Wilson doesn’t work out, the Dolphins can release him and not have little money tied to him, but if he turns his career around, this can turn out to be a big steal. It is a red flag that Titans are giving up on Wilson so early and that no other team was willing to trade a 7th round pick for him, but to me, this deal was a no-brainer, and the Dolphins have nothing lose and everything to gain in this deal.