The NFL draft is a month away and many experts are coming out with multiple mock drafts trying to project where players are going and what teams will do. The first wave of free agency is over, with the highest spending is over unless there are contract extensions and now teams will start focusing on the draft.

The Miami Dolphins own the 3rd and 18th pick in the first round, and because they have multiple picks there’s a lot of buzz about what they will do. The Dolphins took quarterback Tua Tagovailoa last year, and the team wants to continue developing him and giving him some more playmakers. With the Dolphins drafting in the top 3, there is a lot of speculation that they may look to trade down to acquire more draft capital to a team looking for a quarterback. There is always a lot of buzz leading up to the draft, and a lot of it is smoke. I do believe the Dolphins would like to trade down. The question is, how far are they willing to trade back, and what would they want in return?

To trade back, you have to have a trade partner. The most hype for a trade back is with the Carolina Panthers, who own the 8th pick in the draft. The Panthers have a newer owner in David Tepper, and speculation is he wants to make a big splash for a quarterback. There have been rumors that he wanted to acquire Deshaun Watson, but that has cooled off because of the allegations against Watson, and until it clears up, it’s unlikely anyone will trade for him. So, the next way to make a move is in the draft to get one of the top quarterbacks, and the Panthers are within striking distance.

I would love to see the Dolphins trade back and get some extras picks especially if they can get a first-round in next year’s draft. The problem could be how far the Dolphins would be willing to move down? The Dolphins will put together their draft board in the next month, and I’m sure they will set their sights on a few players they would like to select at pick 3. The question is, if the Dolphins moved back, say 5 spots, could the players they target still be available? It’s a tough call because if you do, are you willing to settle for someone else? I would say no, the Dolphins shouldn’t settle. They should target a few players, and if they know one will be available if they move back, go for it.

I like the fact that the Dolphins are committed to building this team through the draft and that this is the second year in a row they have multiple first-round picks. As a fan, it’s fun to watch your team when they have multiple first-round picks because they can dictate the first round.

I want to see the Dolphins draft a playmaker in Ja’Marr Chase, DeVonta Smith, or Kyle Pitts to help our quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in his development. However, with quarterbacks being propped up and if a team is desperate, like say the Panthers want a quarterback, they might give you an offer that’s hard to refuse. General manager Chris Grier shouldn’t trade the pick to get picks, but to get value. Maybe he can get a team desperate, like with the Houston Texans two years ago, and the Dolphins got 2 first-round picks and a second for Larmey Tunsil. That would be hard to turn down.

This trade talk might be nothing more than a smokescreen. Grier is in a great position to upgrade this team, but there’s a lot of pressure on him to surround Tagovailoa with more playmakers. He has to balance whether to stay at 3 and take the best player available or trade down and more picks and risk losing a couple of players potentially while loading up for future years.