Albert Breer & Daniel Jeremiah, two very respected NFL Insiders, on various outlets this week have both said essentially the same thing. The Dolphins’ two trades last week, moving down to pick #12 and then up to pick #6 were about obtaining more draft capital to be in the best position possible to obtain Deshaun Watson either now or after this April’s draft.

Breer stated on Moose & Maggie on WFAN in NYC that Houston trading Watson may be a challenge at this point in time but by Miami obtaining an extra 1st round pick and 3rd round pick and Miami still having a draft pick inside the Top 10 at #6 this year, keeps the Dolphins options open to pull the trigger on a Watson trade if the Watson off the field issues become cleared up in some way by the this April’s draft. As the #6 pick holds more value than Carolina’s first-round pick at #8 and Denver’s at #9.

Daniel Jeremiah has a different take but makes essentially the same point. In that trading for Watson now is a challenge and maybe impossible, but Houston will trade him at some point (either in the summer or next offseason.) And most of Miami’s draft capital is in this year’s 2021 draft which doesn’t help them acquire Watson if the trade happens further down the road. Miami by making these moves now has enough future trade chips in 2022 and 2023 to make a move to get Watson and it keeps the Dolphins options open to get Watson if Houston is only able to trade him later this summer or next offseason.