It’s been about a week since my first mock draft and a lot has changed since then. Many of the top players in this year’s 2021 NFL Draft have had their pro days and solidified their spots in the Top 5 of this draft and a few guys have helped their own cause and risen up the draft boards to where now they are assured of being 1st round picks.

Here are a just few of the changes and general overall thoughts I currently have in this 2.0 version of my Mock Draft. (For Mock Draft 1.0 you can find it if you CLICK HERE.)

  1. I still have San Francisco obviously going with a quarterback at #3 but I have mocked a new quarterback into that slot after this person had a strong pro day.
  2. I think Peni Sewell with a strong showing at this pro day most likely (but not a guarantee) locked himself as a Top 5 pick in this draft.
  3. Ja’Marr Chase put on a show at the LSU pro day and without any doubt in my mind will be the first Wide Receiver off the board in this draft.
  4. I have all 5 of the top quarterbacks in this draft going in the Top 10 which I do think will happen now and I didn’t think that was the case a week ago this time.
  5. Just because the Panthers traded for Sam Darnold it doesn’t take them out of the quarterback market in Round 1. It just means they have no reason to trade up to get one.
  6. One less running back goes in Round 1 of this mock than in my first mock.

So, without any further ado here is Mike’s Mock Draft 2.0