We are just one week away until the NFL releases the schedule for the upcoming season. And as always, Dolphins fans will be intrigued to see how many prime-time games they’re awarded. With the Fins being a 10-6 team last year, it would come as a shock if the NFL didn’t want Miami to be shown on national tv at least a few times next year.

The possibilities of a prime-time game could start on the opening night of the season. Miami is due to take the short trip north to Tampa this season, and with the Bucs having an easy schedule at home this season, Miami would certainly be seen as one of the more competitive games at Raymond James Stadium this year.

Tom Brady has tormented the Dolphins in his career at New England, and fans were relieved to see him leave the division.  However, after one year away from the Fins schedule, he appears in it once again this year for possibly the last time?

Tom Brady’s overall record vs. Miami is 23-12! which has caused many nightmares over the years. But Miami fans will be glad to hear that Brady has a losing record when playing in South Florida. So will the Dolphins continue to haunt Brady in Florida, or will Tom improve his record at home versus the Fins?

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The Alabama QB reunion: 
Another matchup that could attract the schedule makers is Miami’s matchups against New England this year. The Patriots were a tough team to watch on offense last year, and they addressed that in this year’s draft by selecting Mac jones at 15 in round one last Thursday. The rookie from Alabama was always known as the backup to Tua, but when Miami’s number 1 got injured in October 2019, Mac jones took over under-center for the crimson tide.

In 2020 Jones led Alabama to a national title beating Ohio State’s Justin fields in a high-scoring affair and his number 1 wide receiver Devonta Smith won the Heisman trophy. Mac Jones will want to prove to the NFL that he is a better Quarterback than Tua. But the man wearing aqua that day under center will want to show to his former wide receivers (including Miami’s rookie Jaylen Waddle ) that they were wrong to throw him under the bus when they spoke to the media expressing that they preferred Jones over Tua as a quarterback.

AFC East A More Competitive Division? The intriguing AFC East matchups don’t stop there for the Fins this year, with the Jets drafting a new quarterback in Zach Wilson, which could make them competitive, and the Bills who got to the AFC championship last year under Josh Allen.

Other things to look for in the schedule:

  1. Home field advantage is a massive thing for Miami down in south Florida, so the more 1:10 ET games, the better as the baking sun will have a massive effect on the northern teams traveling down.
  2. The AFC East away games are the only time Miami will have to leave a warm climate this year possibly, so pray for these games to be early on; otherwise, a dreaded snowy game @ Buffalo in December could decide who wins the AFC East.
  3. The bye week- with the season being extended to 17 games this season, it could be a massive advantage to have a bye week around week 10 for players to rest and recover and get ready for the final stretch of the season. On the other hand, a bye week in week 5 could increase the risk of players becoming tired in the more important games nearer the end of the season.

Final Thoughts: Looking at Miami’s fixtures this year, they will certainly be wanting to make the playoffs at least. With everyone getting healthy again and Jaylen Waddle being added to the roster, the fins will be hoping to be more explosive on offense. The addition of Jaelan Phillips at DE can only make the Dolphins’ defense more formidable this year, and the fins will be looking to be a top defense once again come January 2022.