During the next 5 Wednesday Night episodes of the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast with Mike & Ian, we will be having a contest where each week we give away 1 piece of this amazing Miami Dolphins artwork below. The artwork was created by Carlos Hernandez from the I AM A MIAMI DOLPHINS FAN Facebook Page. Make sure you are a member of this Facebook group as it is the Official Facebook Home of DolphinsTalk.com and the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast. CLICK HERE to join.

During the LIVE broadcast on Wednesday nights, we will have a trivia question, the first person who is watching live and responds with the correct answer in our chat during the show will win their choice of one of the pictures below. To ensure you are subscribed and that you are notified on Wednesday nights when the DolphinsTalk.com Podcast with Mike & Ian goes Live, CLICK HERE and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

*One winner per week, and if you win you are no longer eligible to win in another week. So we five different winners

*The shows may not be in consecutive weeks, it’s the next 5 Wednesday Night shows we do.