A team at OLBG surveyed 759 NFL fans and gathered Twitter sentiment data to figure out which NFL athletes receive the most love and hate on social media.

Findings include:

  • 49.5% of the tweets Tua Tagovailoa receives are positive, making him the NFL’s 7th most beloved player on the platform overall, and the AFC East’s most popular player
    • By positive tweets, he also ranks as the 4th most beloved QB in the NFL, ahead of Patrick Mahomes (11th), Josh Allen (12th), Tom Brady (14th), and Joe Burrow (19th)
  • AFC East counterpart Cam Newton receives 21.3% negative tweets, making him the 8th most trolled player in the NFL
  • A majority of fans surveyed thought Tom Brady is the NFL’s most hated player, however, Deshaun Watson is the NFL’s most trolled athlete (41.5% of his received tweets are negative)