Training camp is just around the corner for the Miami Dolphins and all of the other teams in the NFL. As a fan, I’m excited every year for camp to start because it’s a new year and a fresh start. This is the most excited I’ve been in a long time as a fan because the Dolphins are entering year 3 of their rebuilding process, and after doubling their win total a year ago from 5 wins to 10, I’m excited to see what is next. There was a lot of growth from our second-year players last year from their rookie season, and I expect them to continue to get better and our rookies from last year coming into their second year. The biggest area I’m excited about is our offense with the skills players they added this off-season.

In the last two years, the Dolphins focused mostly on finding a quarterback and building in the trenches. Still, the Dolphins this off-season, the Dolphins focused on adding playmakers on offense because this team lacked firepower and big plays on offense.

The Dolphins started free agency and signed wide receiver Will Fuller, a speed receiver who can take the top of the defense off. He’s going to miss the first game of the season due to him finishing his 6-game suspension for PEDs last year, but the NFL season is a marathon, not a sprint, so that it won’t be a huge deal. The Dolphins will also get back Allen Hurns and Albert Wilson, who opted out due to COVID concerns. They are both veteran receivers with experience the team was lacking and, in the case of Wilson, has the speed element the team was clearly lacking last year in his absence. The biggest move was when the Dolphins selected wide receiver Jaylen Waddle, with the 6th pick in the draft. Waddle is considered the most explosive player in the draft and is a threat to score anytime he touches the ball. The Dolphins needed a receiver like Waddle and is the type of player the Dolphins haven’t had in a long time. Waddle can do a lot of things. He can return punts, play in the slot, take a quick slant the distance, and line him outside. Some people are comparing him to Tyreek Hill, and it might be a stretch, but if he can play to his ability, watch out.


Those guys will help compliment the other guys returning in DeVante Parker, Preston Williams, and Jakeem Grant. It’s going to create a lot of competition in this training camp as roster spots will be close. Head Coach Brian Flores and his staff are really going to have to evaluate this position as it’s going to be the most heated position.

The Dolphins also added another tight end when they drafted Hunter Long in the 3rd round. Now tight end wasn’t a need, but Long is considered a good all-around prospect at the position. He can block and can catch the ball down the field to be a threat. When is the last time the Dolphins have had a tight end like that? Now the Dolphins have Mike Gesicki, but he’s not a tight end. He’s a glorified receiver because he can’t block, period. However, Gesicki can be matched up in the slot and on the outside and has proven to be a playmaker with his size and athleticism. The Dolphins have two other tight ends returning in Durham, Smythe and Adam Shaheen, who made contributions last year.  Like the wide receiver position, the tight end position will have some good competition throughout camp.

The running back position the Dolphins didn’t really add much outside of Malcolm Brown and drafting Gerrid Doaks in the 7th round. I don’t know how much they will contribute. The Dolphins do have Myles Gaskin returning, and he can run and catch the ball out of the backfield. If he didn’t get hurt and go on the covid list, he might have been the leading rusher in the AFC East. Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed complimented each other towards the end of last hopefully, that can continue to grow.

The biggest thing that has to happen with our offense, besides the obvious our quarterback Tua Tagovailoa took a step forward, is our skills players have to stay healthy. Honestly, that’s my biggest concern going into camp. Parker every year seems to have a nagging injury with a hamstring or something. Williams has the talent to be a good receiver, but in each of his first 2 seasons has had his season cut short by injury after 8 games. Fuller is a big playmaker, but he hasn’t played a full season in his 5 seasons because of injury or last year’s suspension. Waddle is coming off a dislocated ankle last year but seems to be moving well. Injuries are always a concern for every team, but the injury history of our receivers is a concern.

If this group can stay healthy and Tagovailoa can take a step forward in his development, I really think this offense can be excellent and score points to win many games. Last year, the Dolphins won games because their defense forced many turnovers to set up scores for the offense. The problem was the Dolphins didn’t have guys that could win matchups to create separation and make big plays, especially early last season and the finale against the Buffalo Bills. Frankly, it’s one reason the team didn’t make the playoffs last year. This offseason, the Dolphins made some good moves to add playmakers on offense. This offense is more talented and deeper. They should be able to win many games, make big plays, and score a lot of points to put this team in a good position. I don’t remember the last time the Dolphins had an offense this talent like this in recent memory. Now it’s time to put it together on the field, and I’m excited to see how it comes together.