The situation around Deshaun Watson remains unclear.

With the allegations surrounding his personal life, nobody knows if Deshaun Watson will play in 2021 or 2022. One rumor that doesn’t seem to go away is Watson being traded. The Miami Dolphins continue to be highly linked with the former Clemson star.

With the offseason signing of Tyrod Taylor and the draft selection of Davis Mills, it seems the Texans are ready for life after Deshaun Watson.

A Crucial Year For Tua

No, the Dolphins shouldn't move on from Tua Tagovailoa - Sports Illustrated

It has been well documented how current Dolphins starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had a mixed rookie year during the 2020 season.

Whilst he has had to come back from a career-threatening hip injury and a lack of a proper offseason, the NFL is a cutthroat league. No head coach has been epitomized this more in recent years than Miami’s Brian Flores.

The Arizona Cardinals drafted UCLA’s Josh Rosen in 2018 tenth overall. After just a year, they traded him to the Dolphins and took Kyler Murray first overall.

Back when Murray was selected, plenty of media personalities defended Rosen. They spoke of how he’d not been given a chance. There is no way that the Cardinals regret that decision to trade Rosen after how Murray’s first two seasons have gone.


New Toys For Tagovailoa

Jaylen Waddle might be the most electrifying player the Miami Dolphins ever had | Film Breakdown - The Phinsider

Rosen may not have been given a chance at the Cardinals, but Miami is doing all they can to give Tua the best opportunity.

Those who defend Tua often refer to the fact that he had no one to throw to besides tight end Mike Gesicki and wide receiver DeVante Parker. Flores and General Manager Chris Grier have gone out this offseason and supplied their QB1 with new toys.

Parker and Gesicki will be joined by Free Agency signing Will Fuller and the sixth overall selection in the draft, Jaylen Waddle. Along with the running backs to hand the ball over to Myles Gaskin, Salvon Ahmed, and Malcolm Brown, the Dolphins also welcome back receiver Albert Wilson after he sat out 2020 due to COVID-19.

Flores has already shown his lack of faith in Tua by benching him twice during his rookie season. With the Dolphins roster impressive in most areas, it would not be a shock if Tua is benched again should he struggle during the 2021 season. We have seen Kyle Van Noy be released just one year into his four-year contract.

Owner Stephen Ross has spoken of Miami’s Super Bowl aspirations. The front office will not be afraid to move on from Tua if he struggles again in the upcoming season, especially with an elite QB such as Watson potentially available.

Teams That May Also Want Watson

Denver Broncos are seen as one of the front runners.

Aaron Rodgers is also looking at Denver as an option, but ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler has spoken of Watson’s “intrigue” in the Broncos. Former teammate Kareem Jackson has also stated how Watson wants to be in Denver.

The Philadelphia Eagles also are a team people are saying to watch out for. They possess the draft capital, and they have a situation similar to what the Cardinals had in 2019.

Like Arizona, the Eagles have a new head coach in Nick Sirianni, who didn’t draft their starting quarterback. Jalen Hurts had an okay first season, albeit with limited game time. The Cardinals couldn’t pass up Kyler, and the Eagles may feel they simply cannot miss the opportunity to get someone of Watson’s caliber.

Should Miami Trade For Deshaun?

4 teams still interested in Texans' Deshaun Watson

To sum it up, absolutely.

Many Miami fans appear to have Tua’s back, but plenty also doubt his long-term ability. Three anonymous players spoke of their reservations about him being the guy. Tagovailoa has openly said he didn’t know the playbook “well enough.”

The 6-3 record as a starter is a fraudulent argument as it was only really the Cardinals win that Tua was responsible for.

Tua might be the guy, but he also may not be. Deshaun Watson is a top 5 quarterback who has no question marks on the field, at least. Miami has already passed on a future Hall of Famer and Super Bowl winner in Drew Brees back in 2006. They cannot allow another opportunity to slip through the net.