Miami Dolphins superstar CB Xavien Howard reported to training camp on Tuesday morning per the team’s social media account. By arriving he will avoid $50,000 a day fines. His arrival though doesn’t conclude this story as Howard is still looking for more money and has stated his unhappiness with his contract. Also, arriving at camp and “participating during team drills” are two very different things. The Dolphins are slated to take the field for on the field work for the first time on Wednesday and it will be interesting to see if Howard is participating in any drills or standing on the side watching or riding a stationary bike.

Also, Xavien arriving at camp doesn’t stop the Dolphins from fielding trade offers for him or possibly moving him prior to Week 1 of the regular season. And it does help any talks Miami and Howard’s side  “may” be working on in regards to a new deal to pay him more. If Howard were to have held out I am sure there would have been some bad blood and it would have made a bad situation worse from the organization’s perspective in any hope of working out a new possible deal.

More on this story as it develops.